Stereotypes in Mass Media in the United States

Television, radio, newspaper and most recently, the internet are the conveyors of information in the world today. These tools, often known as mass media, entertain and broadcast information which is critical in shaping societal behaviour.

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Understanding Marine Insurance.

Attending some training is so beneficial and I had the opportunity to attend one. These are some of the notes I scribbled from a training by Lydia Muirigi. This post has been made with her knowledge but I wanted to appreciate her to sharing her expertise in this field. Below is what I got. In the coming few weeks, I will be sharing more on this type of insurance. I will get more material to help you sell insurance, import your goods safely and help the country grow the premiums generated from this neglected income stream. Continue reading “Understanding Marine Insurance.”

How do I make a choice in todays complex world

Martina’s househelp Nanjala just left. She is going to start her own family and she is excited about this. Martina thinks this a good thing for Nanjala to go though she is scared where to get her next househelp. Now she seeks my advice on how she will choose a househelp.

Internet search is beginning of decision making today. Both in our households and corporate places. Before asking for ideas on how to do something the obvious question you answer is; have you Googled? If you answer this then you are on the right track. In as much as it is not taken as a credible source in academia, citing sources that are not peer reviewed like most search results you find on Google can be very informative. But this needs certain skills to sift the chuff from the wheat.