The scramble for world resources has led to more harm than good. May 23rd, 2017, the world woke up to terror attack at a music concert in Manchester, the worst attack in more than a decade. 22 young people lost their lives while 59 injured. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

My thoughts and condolences go to the families of victims, most of them teenagers, who were hurt by hurt by the cowardly act of targeting defenseless and innocent citizens.

But the general feeling among those whose countries are at war is that the West is too peaceful while they bring the war to us.

Powerful countries meddling into smaller nations affairs since the beginning of current millennia can be blamed for the conflicts that are seen across the globe.

It is fair to say the United States is meddling in Syria has destabilized the Asian nation. The US support for the rebels has only exacerbated the conflict with the current regime clinging to power. Russia and United States take sides while the war escalates.

Common sense will tell people there is something precious that attracts the interest of both Russia and the United States.

The situation in Syria has been worsened by US activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the US orchestrated the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has never been stable. Further 9/11 attacks, the United States set its military prowess in Afghanistan.

The logical question is, why would the US continue with activities in the Middle East after the death of Osama Bin Laden? Since then, more and more terror groups has been sprouting endlessly.


The region has become more volatile than ever before. Young radicalized youths are sympathizing with the branded terror groups. These youths go back home to their peaceful communities and cause anguish.

Why are extremists targeting the West?

China is one of the powerful countries that sits on the UN Security Council. While other members scratch their heads with terror threats, China is heavily investing in Africa with little to worry about their security. Experts say the only time to be more prepared for war is not during the war, but rather during peaceful times.

China is forming alliances with African governments to exploit untapped natural resources especially oil and gas. Although Africa has its fair share of problems, like the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria, the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan and Somalia and rising inequality, the conflict in Syria is far much worse requires immediate attention. If this is not done, terror will continue spreading until no one is safe.

Oh and the Korean peninsula conflict is boiling up as well.

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