I tried to quit my job several times. I admit that I have been a junky and the several times I have tried to quit, I have failed. I tried to get an online job that would allow me to control how I work, then I failed an open book exam. Lionbridge thought I was too hasty and possibly if they gave me another chance, I would give it my best shot. I failed again.

I do not expect a 3rd chance because that will show how desperate Lionbridge is. I gave up and continued selling. The only thing I have remained faithful to is reading my emails and blogging my thoughts. You want to blog your thoughts and you don’t know how to begin? start here or read this. If you are not satisfied consider why you should start your own blog.

Read 5 ways to connected stores mobile shopping which appeared on googles thinkwithgoogle site before I share with you how to connect with Kenyan consumers.

Mobile phone usage has penetrated in Kenya more than it has in any emerging market.

The rate at which people are utilizing mobile phones in Kenya is amazing. Goods are being delivered in the office where vendors are being paid on delivery. Jumia has been exceptional in this. With partnerships it has developed with some cellphone manufacturers, the penetration has been marvelous and the idea of paying on delivery has killed it all.

Research has shown that in 2015 mobile shopping related searches in google increased by 120%. Now you can imagine where you should be targeting your consumers.

The rising middle income earners in Kenya has been growing in the last decade. 99% of my internet revenue was generated in Kenya in the last three months, which highlights the desire of Kenyan to get local content. This shifted my focus in concentrating on providing quality for Kenyans who I tend to identify with.

M-pesa alone has transacted billions of shillings in the last eight years where mobile facilitated payments now equate to a fifth of Kenyan GDP. You should allow your customers to pay through mobile money transfers to fully utilize the potential created by mobile phones.