Home Opinion 39 Year Old Macron, France Youngest President who married his teacher

39 Year Old Macron, France Youngest President who married his teacher

France President Emmanual Macron. He becomes france youngest president with a difficult task of uniting a devided nation.

The world is experiencing what many would call a paradigm shift. Politicians are defying the acceptable social norms, and for the first time, the most likely impossible things are happening in the political arena.

France will be installing their new president, the youngest president in the history of the country. An interesting part of Emmanuel Macron,  president-elect, is that he is married to a woman 24 years older and his former high school teacher.

Macron partly attributes his success to her for being a never failing force towards his rise to the presidency.

Late 2016, Americans had shocked the world by electing a rather unusual candidate, Donald Trump, who defied all odds to become POTUS.

Trump trumped over more experienced opponents in the Republican primaries despite never holding an elective office and cruised to defeat a former first lady and former secretary of state and new times favorite candidate Hillary Clinton.

Despite Macron’s victory in France, he is faced with a difficult task of uniting a divided country. Nearly 34 percent of French voters didn’t vote for Macron.

Macron represents a new generation of leaders who defy big party nomination and support and run as independent candidates.

Kenya will be electing their next government in August 2017. Following the events during party nominations, the electoral body is faced with a hard task to list over five thousand independent candidates who are thought to be primarily nomination losers or dissatisfied candidates.

Given world trends and failure of incumbent political bigwigs to clinch the nomination with respective parties, it’s possible to experience Macron kind of victories in Kenya although it may be a hard task for independent governors and president to push their development agenda on a house that is controlled by political parties.

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