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7 Facts About Workplaces That Will Surprise Your Friends


Do you work on Saturdays? Now scientists discovered that after working 40 hours in a week, your productivity reduces by 50%. If you were not able to complete your job within 5-days, Saturday wouldn’t make you productive, at all.

Stay home, sleep and play with your kids. I searched online and found other seven interesting facts about workplaces that won’t surprise you, but will surprise your friends.

Mondays are the most popular sick days

Mondays are the most popular sick days in workplaces and Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Interesting! Right? Weekend tends to make workers lazy. Some say its the best day to schedule interviews, meet potential clients and corner your employer to give you a pay rise.

In Mexico, People work more days than the rest of the world.

According to CNN, Mexicans work averagely 519 more hours that an average American worker. Mexican average 45 hours a week which is higher that any industrialized nation worldwide.

The only bad thing is that there a huge gender gap with 78% of men having jobs. In Chile, people work 50hours a week? Where are you?

France prohibited Alcohol in workplaces.But not Wine

Alcohol in French office was mandated by until in 2014 when a court ruled to abolish alcohol in offices.

Email Addiction is a Real Disease.

I worked in a bank, and the only way to get things done is to send an email. It sucks to hear someone failing to do his/her job then blaming the colleague for not sending an email. Emails in offices is an addiction and further a disease that needs attention.

In Germany, female employees must wear a bra.

In 2011 a German court ruled that bosses have a right to order female employees to wear bras. Also, the length of a lady’s fingernails can be determined by her immediate superior and her hair must clean and groomed. The story in the daily mail. Read.

Recently Ugandan government prohibited female employees from wearing miniskirts and having long nails. Then there was so much fuss across the media fraternity. It is common for dress code to be set at workplaces

Listening to Music while working makes things get done faster.

Telecommuting worker is more productive when given a job that requires creativity but less productive when given a random repetitive task.

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