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Virgin America Inc. Employees call each Teammates


It is in the culture of Virgin America that they refer to each other as Teammates. From the top leadership to the lowest worker. The Airline has a clear recruiting procedure that makes sure new teammates are acculturated well enough to identify with the brand.

The airline is associated with Virgin group of companies whose founder, Sir Richard Branson, is known to be one who values employee.

Teammates are Virgin America are free to make decisions within what they call “judgment playing field.” Air transport business is known to have cost management concerns especially since the cost of fuel started rising from early 90’s toward the 911 attacks and then the recession.

It is possible to find that most airlines will cut costs related to employee welfare such as annual training programs that Virgin American embraces.

Having an easy way to reach and interact with the top leadership, employee brand pride and ownership make the company attract the best employees available in the labor market.

Virgin boasts of a lean overhead structure finance, information technology, human resources and planning that is scalable and that can be leveraged as the company grows(“Form S-1,” 2014).

First, a saleable brand will always attract the best in the labor market. Having the best culture can always be a starting point to having the best in the market.

Organization culture and motivation to employees crucial for organization life (Conţiu, Gabor, & Oltean, 2012). Open, and extensive advertising for open vacancies followed by rigorous interviews and lastly training and compensating staff can be key in attracting the right workforce. Apprenticeship and internships are an excellent breeding space employees.

During these programs, employers monitor potential employees and identify specific skills that may be vital to the success of the job requirements.