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A weekend at my in-laws


I am back to my usual space after spending the last half of last week at my in-laws upcountry. I attended my father-in-law’s burial which went on well. In that neighborhood, men -elderly ones- have all the control. The funeral proceedings were full of speeches most of which were delivered in the local dialect. I just had to listen though I didn’t hear anything.

My father-in-law was a farmer, very good farmer. I could not ignore the fields filled with corn and harvested wheat as walked around. The fields and its contents all belonged to him. This was also confirmed from the elderly men who spoke. They said he was an educationist and an ardent farmer who left school in sixth grade back in colonial times.

My plan was to come back the same day. I didn’t need to spend the night there since I had other errands to run. My wife insisted that I had to stay. Chicken isn’t a delicacy they fancy, but it matters where I come from and they were aware of that. They sacrificed to make sure I had chicken for dinner. How amazing!

These are important lessons I learned as we waited for supper to be served. I attracted the attention of the eldest members of the family. I haven’t officially taken my wife, but they were so much elated to have me in their midst. I didn’t expect so much attention after giving my wife strict instruction not to create any unnecessary attention given my liquidity status at the moment. I really didn’t want to go for the burial but she insisted. She says she told one or two who went on to tell one or two which ended up creating a spectacle in the homestead.