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Forget BBM BCOM MBA. Do technical Course to unleash your potential


I have always advised, don’t do business related course as your major. Rather consider taking a rather technical course that engages your creativity and innovation and then later on take a cause in management. Below is an excerpt from businessdaily.
There is a possibility that Kenyan economy is hurting due to young people preferring to take courses that won’t require them to think critically. before taking a sales job, consider this

Typically the path to economic development is one where there is a shift from the traditional sector of agriculture into industry and manufacturing. From there the economy tends to evolve further into services. However, this is not the pattern of growth that Africa is undergoing; it seems to be diversifying away from agriculture, not into industry but directly to services.   Business Daily

I studied Bachelor of Commerce and my major was finance. I never thought of taking up a clerical job with a local bank. I sincerely had no idea of what I would do after college. The slight idea was every firm should have a finance department which will need either way.

In the last few years large number of students I have engaged are heading either to business management. None of them is considering taking a career path that will directly put them in to manufacturing. Like an entrepreneur running a textile firm or a food processing plant. Most of the people running these types of businesses in Kenya are Indians or simply Kenyans of Indian origin. Where did we go wrong?

Is there focus towards service industry than it is towards manufacturing and creation of real wealth? When I finished high most of the top students in the country were accepted in top schools in the country to take course in Law, finance, and most of them shifted towards commerce.

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