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Discovering what you are good at


My childhood friend Kenna Wasike’s  book was nominated for top award in Kenya. He never won the award but the amount of exposure the book got is phenomenal. I did not know the book would go that far. He earlier wrote another story which was never published but he gave the book to me. After reading, I thought it wise to finish the story and then publish the book. I never finished the story and I lost the 32 page story I was given. Kenna now teaches Kiswahili and doubles up as an author too in Transnzoia County. Find his book Kivuli cha ndoto in libraries.

My college roommate and friend a Kanyimbo Masongo drafted a protest letter to vice chancellor in our second year in college. Our class was not ready to sit for an exam whose instructor never stepped in class the whole semester.  Kanyimbo volunteered to draft the letter to the university management to postpone the course to the next semester. The letter was so effective. Countless number students who had disputes with administration came for cancel on how to write an effective protest letters. He loved doing it. Kanyimbo recently quit employment and now specializes in essay and academic writing in lakeside city of Kisumu.

Finding a niche in writing is important for any newbie that intends to get into writing. You are either a how to person, A person with exemplary story telling talent like Kenna or an English enthusiast like Kanyimbo. Finding what you are good at can be daunting and sometimes difficult to discover. The Kenyan education system fails to help students discover their talents at early ages which now remains the work of either parents or self to find out what we can become good at.

Engage in you hobbies more

Find our whether you can turn your hobby in to a living. If you are an outdoor person, who likes the pitch, probably you are good at sports. IF you are really good in sport forget BBM BCOM MBAs and focus on what you are best at. Just like my friends who loves listening to the BBC and learning to negotiate his way, it is more appealing for him to find a career as professional writer. They are all writers only that they focus on different niches of writing.

Blogging can help you discover you interests

I learnt this from my favourite blogger. she started her blog to learn more about homeschooling her children. She has founded four startups and she homeschools her children. Blogging can help in discovering what interest you. For instance, I spent more of free time in the library reading. I then write what I think on live writer and without editing I post it on my blog. I never care about typos because I assume one reads my work. I find my blog a success.

To decide whether you can do it or can’t do it is about you, you are right both ways