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Dont be afraid to start over again


I have always been conscious of the fact that it is possible to be fired anytime. I really appreciate the effort employers put to ensure that staff are continuously giving their best, but sometimes I find them to mean and selfish, but sometimes I look at my work and wonder why and how am I getting paid.

Last week a thought came to my mind,”}what if your wife left?” I thought and realized I asked myself the same question when I was younger. I lived with my grandmother and I remember asking her whether I will manage life without her, she was aging and I knew that some day I will have to be on my own. The funny thing is that I knew she was aging but I didn’t look at myself. I was growing and life demands that a man works hard for himself and his family. It was not long she went to be with her children, my aunts in a far away city, I was left in the hands of my uncle and life was …..ok.

It is okay to start all over again. The worst mistake I can do to myself is to give up. Someone shared this quote somewhere I don’t remember,

An egg broken from outside, life ends, but the same egg is broken from inside, life begins

This means that either way the egg will be broken, it depends how it is broken.

I called my friend and former colleague for advice because I wasn’t doing well at work. So I told him what it means and he just told me this few words “Usiogope kufutwa kazi” meaning “Never be afraid of getting fired” ┬áBeing hired and being fired is part of the employment and the graph remains normal. You will get out of this employment and move to the next. Your failures do not determine how you future will be. Two hour exam does determine whether you will be successful or a failure.

Focus on the things that build you. Things that inspire you to forge ahead.

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