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Never give up


In 1952, Harry Markowitz wrote an article which later came to be the bedrock of Modern Portfolio Theory. He was working at Rand corporation then. He later went back and published two books in 1956 and 1958. Markowitz acknowledges the work of Roy 1952 which was similar to his work except for one difference, Markowitz formular did not require  negative investment, Roys Formula allowed the investor to do both. Markowitz was later awarded Nobel Peace Price alongside other economists who contributed to the growth of finance.

Why did Markowitz get an award and not Roy, Because Markowitz persisted in what he was meant to do. As I said earlier he wrote two book in finance and contributed immensely to the field. Roy got lost somewhere and was never heard of. In fact the first time I heard of Roy was in Markowitz own work.

Great people were never encouraged to do what they did,  they were pulled back, discouraged but they were never broken. Markowitz is just important in finance and that is why I used his example.