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I support the court denying teachers payrise


Don’t crucify me listen up. When I first got employed, I was earning Kes 200 a day. I could hardly manage the cater for my needs and support another person. I walked to work, avoided some expenses to make sure that I support my mom. I wrote a really nasty mail to my girlfriend and she called it quits. My problem is that I earned so little and I was frustrated at some point. I got another job in the firm and my income increased, actually doubled. Nothing changed in my life, more responsibilities sprouted from nowhere and there wasn’t any difference.

Money will never be enough. As income grows, needs and desire to be wealthier increases and people tend to ask for even more. Teacher should be given what was promised to them, but they will ask for me in five years. This is going to be a seed and definately pain in the governments ass, you know what I am saying. Doctors will down their tools, nurses too and all those in civil service ask for more. They will request for a negotiated collective bargaining agreement because they are unionized and its their constitutional right to ask for that

Managing personal finances is key to any one, no matter how much you pocket monthly from your employer. Some of the wealthiest persons I ever knew in the village were teachers, until I came to the city. In fact I wanted to be a teacher because I knew their impact on the society. The government said no I should take commerce. I hated it but I took the course. I didn’t have an option. But I will start teaching soon.

Teachers access facilities which, with your big salary, will get. Of course this is prenegotiated with their employer, Teachers Service Commission. Why do you think banks chase teacher to give them loans? The interest is low, the term of repayment favorable, I don’t any employee with benefits like those ones.

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