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Education in Kenya should make graduates versatile


I spent the entire four years in college studying commerce, thinking that someday I will end up being a banker. The talent is not very common to notice in a country like Kenya. It takes years of working experience for employers to notice talent in the field and then start scrambling for them. Those graduating have to start somewhere, like joining the sales team in a bank which feels demeaning at times, though it’s a nice experience. Then you end up being absorbed to take up clerical tasks then from there you graduate to other department where your bosses feel you can do better.

Mine took a very funny turn, I started off at Micro-finance institution and my immediate boss thought I was really helpful. I was always ahead of my schedule, Planning what I could do next before even the manager suggests I already did. I was actually doing accounting and I could not understand the difference between being and accountant and being a finance guy. My wife did accounting and I did finance and the difference between us was two courses, while she did advanced accounting I did advanced financial management and the other difference was that she did advanced audit and I did money or something of the sort.

Now I am salesman which is a career I thought would suit a person who did marketing. I had friends who did marketing because it was thought to be the easiest of the courses. He is now in customer service but he thinks that that is not the best job he would have wanted. Then I remember one of our professor saying that we are trained to be all round. As a graduate, we are equipped to work in any environment and any job that relates to the course were taking. He used the words Versatile.

Whether my major was finance or banking or marketing. I could do insurance or computers in future. what will distinguish us is the professional course that we decide to take.