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Never tell recruiting manager how much you earn


The month of December is full of festivities, no doubt about that. Mass movement of people from urban areas to the village will be common and if you are planning to travel, then his is the opportune time for you to start thinking about how you’ll travel.

Celebrations are usually scheduled at this time ranging from weddings, birthdays though mine isn’t really a birthday  graduation ceremonies and so many others. In fact in business, it is known as the December effect on stocks or the new year effect anormally. That aside.

Many will be graduating and heading to the job market.  It will easier for them because they have to decide how much to earn. But for those of us who are planning to switch from employer to another or seeking another career like from sales to accounting, or you are looking for a higher pay, don’t accept to share what you earn now with you recruiter. Recruiting managers are likely to use that against you. This is how you should answer the question.

Recruiter: How much to earn in your current position?

You: I am looking for a job that could give me a salary of Kes 60,000 a month, I believe your organization can do that. I have experience working as an insurance sales person for the past two years and my experience in the market and my track record show that I am to deliver.

Recruiter: We wanted to know how much?

You stop for  a while and think. Your salary is your secret. They have no legal precedence to ask how much you earn based on their need to recruit you. You current employer will never disclose to your potential employer how much you earn. Its in your hands to tell them. You can as well lie because they will never confirm. Just say any figure.

I lied before and I got the job. They never confirm. Your pay is not your certificate for them to call back your school to check. So the best would be share with them what you are looking for and if they can much that well and good, if they cant they will find someone else or negotiate.

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