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Perfect life is a fantasy


I finally relocated to a new house on the other side of the town. At last I can rest, no more ferry issues, I can work late sure of my way home. The challenge for is accepting substandard houses. I just refused to move to a house without a kitchen. Partly because my wife won’t approve. The other reason is I am not very neat in the kitchen. It’s better the kitchen to be separate.

Being frank and open about myself always ended in quarrels with my wife. She believes I don’t have to share with everybody what is happening around me. But that is my nature. I love to speak about myself and that why I write on this blog. It’s about me, my life, family, work (But I have to limit how I talk about work) I might be sacked.

The challenge with my new place is a mosque is located just inside the compound. And I had to wake up at 5 because it was prayer time. I am not a Muslim, my landlord is. So there is no way I can avoid for now. I rather learn to live with it. Things cannot always be on my side. I have to make adjustments.