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New year Resolution..Its about me


I took alcohol for the first time in my entire life this festive season. It was red wine I was gifted somewhere. I took it because I know my life has been full of lies. I decided to explore for myself.My grandmother lied that boys should never cry, especially in front of girls. She further taught me that in a fight, a boy should never loose to a girl.

I have lost so many battles to ladies until I started questioning some of the lessons taught to me in my childhood. First it was English exam. I was second to a lady although she never beat me overall. I once tried to fight an older girl while in primary school. I went home with scars I never reported the incident.

For national exam the top girl country wide was ahead of me by more than sixty marks. It was never true that boys should always defeat girls. My wife scored a stronger second class upper in college. She was ahead of me. I had very weak second upper.I almost scored a strong lower second class. I resolved that this year will be about me and not about what others say. It never about popular belief.

we all have resolutions and you should have resolutions for 2016. Example. Dont get married in 2016.   Make sure you have secondary income stream among others.

I planned that I would get drunk then see how good I am when I am drunk. Perhaps I can write better. I never got drunk, I never prepared any post for my blog, instead I spent the entire afternoon walking along the streets with nothing to do. I always dedicate time my blog only when I am sober. I must say that my 2015 wasn’t my best year. There has never been the best year for my because of the thing I think I should have done. I switched jobs in 2015 and became a sales guy.

I wrote more articles on insurance because its what I do on daily basis. I thought I hated my boss until I realizes he was helping me stay employed. You know how banks operate. I listed some of the resolutions I made this year and posted them on my other blog, you should read.

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