I started the new year with a thought that I could switch careers now. Before, I worked for microfinance and I switched departments several times and the experience was incredible. I just realized I can’t do the same thing over and over again. I was better in my previous job because there was flexibility, I had much more freedom to work the way I wanted and now I regret leaving although the company no longer exists. It was common knowledge.

My current employer can not allow me to switch departments. Actually my boss cannot let me move to another department although she thinks I am the worst person she ever employed. This is possibly because of my deceptive character. I don’t decieve people but many people think I am what I am not. (Did you repeat that sentense? well, I also don’t know what means).

But this is what I meant to write, People think I am so good at my job when I am doing it, but my output doesn’t reflect. My numbers do not defend me right now and the craziest thing I did was to apply for a supervisor position with my partially met score on the balanced score card. How do I even defend that in a panel that includes my boss and her boss? Obviously she wont hire me for the position. I enjoyed the whole interview session though, because it raised serious issues that I need to address, including communication.

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