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I also miss Barrack Obama

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Since I was younger I never believed that there will ever be another president in Kenya. Daniel Moi had stamped authority.

As young as three years, I knew who Moi was and how to accord him what he wanted, schools had to be closed, all pupils to be lined up on the way when he visits the county, Prepare folk songs and dances to entertainment him even when we weren’t sure he will stop by. We had to be ready at all times.

I felt that he was a dictator and totalitarian who only cared for his tribesmen. I hated him when he was president. I was surprised when he endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta for the presidency in 2002,  But now I feel he was a better president in terms of discipline and respect for our values and where we came from.

He left us with a burden of debt to pay dubious contracts.  Anglo-leasing and the many others. But now I confess that I miss him

Barrack Obama left the Whitehouse as his second term came to an end. I hated some of his policies, I swore never to step in the United States because of some of his speeches. it is in his term that LGBT whatever it means came into being. I have an opinion to give and this is my space.

His administration has been free of scandals as opposed to previous regimes. High behavioural standards have been held by his staff. He made several histories by becoming the first African American president and made sure that he visited his ancestral home before exiting power.

Presidential campaigns in the United States is different now that Obama is not vying. Candidates like Donald Trump speak anything in the public. He doesn’t care whether it hurts others or not. Huffington post had to stop covering his campaigns in their in their entertainment section.

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