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How to become a good Kenyan blogger


A blogger is anyone blogging. Even those posting on social media are bloggers in their own rights. Sometimes I refer to them as social media activists. I thought I was a blogger, my definition of a blogger was anyone who owns a blog and is actively in the business of blogging.

Serious bloggers command presence online. Many of them are opinion leaders and accomplished career people. LinkedIn refers to them as “influencers.”  I also think they are influencers. Anyone who has had an exception career and is now retired, or is an expert in a particular field, should be a blogger. Some blogs that I follow include this one. You should have your own.

I spend so much time trying to find out which of the WordPress themes was the best for my blog. So after trying many of them I realized I just enjoyed the aesthetics of what a website is, and never about the content I created and the readers I influenced. The possibility of living in finances of becoming an influencer continue growing and I thought one day I would be like Koffi Anan, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington or even Penelope Trunk herself. These are people I read their stuff.

I applied for google AdSense program and after three days I was kicked out. I hated seeing webpages on Kenyan blogs full of ads that irritated visitors. So I decided to create my personal blog to counter the poor service I got from Kenyan blogs.

You don’t need money to own a blog

You will need money to run a website. That is probably why you need to have advertisements on your website. But you can start here or here if you are interested in starting your own blog. You can check my other free blog here. The name of the blog is The Moses Wafula.

If you are interested in starting a website click on the banner below. Blue host have got interesting packages for beginners as long as you have few ducats.

And by the way you won’t make any money for blogging. Let just begin creating content and learn how to make a successful  brand online. Lets share experiences and perhaps someday, some income might come in.

You won’t make any money blogging

I tried that, it didn’t work. I started three blogs that failed. Then I resorted to selling. I changed jobs in 2015, from office accountant to insurance sales guy. Then I realized that I could utilize my selling skills online by trying sell.

If you have extra money to invest in the blogging project, you can make a living out of it. Only if you create content that will be useful people. Teach people How to Do things. They will always come back to you blog for more. You will cross the bridge of earning when you reach there.

start a website of my own