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Stagnant wages is not a Kenyan Problem


Teachers will not be in class for an infinite time at least according to media reports. Kenyan teachers are seeking 50 to 60 percent pay rise which translates to 17 billion additional money needed to pay them. The court awarded it and court of appeal cemented it after the employer appealed the case.

The rise in industrial action in Kenya in the last decade is attributable to the low income that most Kenyan employees are subjected to and high costs of living coupled with high dependency. Despite the privileges that government employees enjoy like access to low cost finance, allowances and other benefits, the paycheck amount is still wanting and many employees ranging from nurses, teachers, doctors and of course teachers.

Two of the largest professions in the US are cashiers, which I don’t think I can ever do and Sales people which I am one today. You want more information on that read this article in the Harvard Business Review blog. As much as I hate sales job it is the most readily available job in the united states. Before taking up a sales job read this. I always said that there is no productivity if we all have to sit in the office in a tie from eight to five and still make a difference. The best would be to get out and fight with other sales people and bring in business.

Why I almost quit my employment one time is because of dissatisfaction with what my employer promised me and I ended up writing an article on my blog how employers should motivate staff.  I had higher hopes that I would earn an amount equal to a cashier while I am in sales which never happened. I was given much lesser amount and asked to bring in business and get paid.

Building a future community of sales people is what is going to create jobs for many of our young people.