Knowledge can be a great advantage in life. Having talked about why your insurance claim will never be paid, I thought it wise to explore why you need insurance. Forget about the government regulation. There is need that you at least have insurance to cover some of the risks that you face in life today.

There are high chances that expected events would happen in our lives. There are chances that unexpected would happen as well. There is need to do away with some of the worries that you may have in life and negotiate with someone on your behalf.

It is evident that people hate insurance in Kenya and they only take insurance for their cars because the government has forced them to. Second insurance penetration is very low in Kenya, not more than 5%. It means that 95% of Kenyans don’t have insurance in any related why.

Except for those employed, who have covers for them and their families, Kenyans will naturally avoid taking insurance. They view insurance as a cost.

Insurance is thought to be a deal for the wealthy families. The Kenyan population is increasingly becoming middle class.

Insurance secures your future, if not for you at least for those that you leave behind.

I know it’s not interesting to talk about death. I also can’t imagine dying someday. But the truth is we have families that look up to us for provision.

No one wants his or her family to suffer when they are no more. One of the ways to secure their future is saving. Having a saving plan is like taking a retirement plan when you are still employed or even when still in business.

The challenge you will face when you save is the temptation to use the money for an emergency. Insurance offers a disciplined way of saving by forcing you to have goals towards which you will gear your savings.

Having an account for your child or locking in savings is a way to ensure that when you are not there your family will have a better life and they will forever cherish you because you left them a legacy. They will be obliged to do the same.

Insurance ensures that you are spending well.

I am not saying you are a bad spender. At least for your personal finances, your will be able to have plans on what to do. By now you know that stagnant wages is not only a Kenyan problem. One thing is that we don’t insure certainties. It is inevitable that we will all die. We can not protect against death.

The insurance cover that you take only secures the future for your people. If you love them, have a plan for them. You are not sure that in the future you will not be there, so take a cover for the future.

The money will never be enough, don’t be cheated that you will take insurance when your salary is more.

I like to talk about myself. I left college in 2012 and together with my close friend we set off for this long journey to try and builder our future. I had some little saving from my endeavors in college.

I got my first contract job in the same year, and my salary was 20,000 shillings a month. It was little, but with it, I took a fifteen-year policy. My friend refused to take it because he said fifteen years is a long time. 20% of my gross earnings went to insurance, and I have never regretted.

I have been able to change jobs and never missed a single premium. No, I missed once, but that was a bank error. I changed accounts, and it took longer than I expected for the underwriter to effect the charge in the other account.

My friend problem was that his salary was too little to commit to insurance. It is now three years down the line, and he has never thought of taking a cover for his family. His salary is still not enough.

The money will never be enough. Those who have more want more and those who have less envy those who have more. I call it procrastination without course.