My boss was around over the last few days of last week. I was late for the morning training and I was never allowed in. He was furious for my lateness though he was more concerned about my production since I joined. If you have ever been late for a meeting and your boss asks for explanation in writing, you know what is expected. Apologies, because there will never be a reason for lateness. If you apologize that’s okay. Bosses want you to realize that you are late and there is no reason to be late.

It interesting how my boss was able to pull off a client inside the bank, while I just sat at the reception. It was a shame because he thought I wasn’t doing enough. My reason was that people around me were not very supportive. That was true. I had vowed never to go there again because of the experiences I had earlier.

Selling is the only job you are given a blank cheque to write the figures yourself. I always thought it was easy but it is not in certain markets. Our quest for support from dealers revealed a lot, my boss said that he is tired of corrupt market. Everyone wants to eat from the customer even when we strive to do genuine business. My belief is that people should look for insurance and not insurance firm look for people to insure them.

I discussed with a car dealer the best cover for his customer but he would not let me speak. His question was how it was going to benefit him. He said;

“Mr Tupesh, listen, whether you package a cover from whatever insurance firm or even the best package from heaven, I don’t care. Just give me my commission. Then we are done. I don’t want those details”

Then I realize there is a lot of disregard for the customer. Insurance is about packaging the best benefits for your customers. That is why insurance agents don’t tell customers what they are covered for. I thought so what your insurance agent never told you about you cover.