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How much do you Earn? How to Answer the question


“Good morning Moses We are happy that you accepted you accepted to come for this interview. We acknowledge your exploits and achievements . According to you resume, you joined your current employer six months ago. Why are you looking for another job.”

Shit. That is most weird interview I have ever attended. In my heart I seem to be confused but physically I show confidence. I expected a question like, “ Tell us alittle about yourself”

“Aaa sir, I am grateful for the opportunity. First I must say that I am impressed by the strides that you have  made as a company and your achievements are just amazing. Second my ideal job would be in banking more specifically in credit. My educational background and internship opportunities I got were all in banking.”

“So why are you looking for another job?”

I think you are nuts. I just told you I love banking. I want to work in a bank. That’s all. My current employment has nothing to do with what this company.

Your salary is confidential and recruiting manager may not have the time to find out how much you earn

Okay fine. I am looking for a clear path of growth in my career. My current position does not give that. I don’t remember my boss asking me about my career path. Every one has a plan for their lives. I am no exception. I want to build relationships, I want to solve challenges facing people. previously I worked with women groups and it was an owesome experience. I really love that. But the idea of not thinking about my customers isnt something I fancy.

Sincerely there is no one who is perfect. People fail at least one in their lives. I have failed three times. I have started countless blogs which failed. I presented five topics for my research and they all failed to pass. So failure is inevitable.

When an interview asks how much you earn, don’t tell them because that is confidential. no one can share confidential information with recruiters. Furthermore there is no waythey are going to check your salary and if they find anything it will be meagre speculation. The correct answer will be how much you expect them to pay you. If they insist insist this way,

“I am looking for a job that pays 55k a month.I am prety sure you can do that” They will ask again how much you are earning currently, You tell them what you are looking for.