Understanding Marine Insurance.

Attending some training is so beneficial and I had the opportunity to attend one. These are some of the notes I scribbled from a training by Lydia Muirigi. This post has been made with her knowledge but I wanted to appreciate her to sharing her expertise in this field. Below is what I got. In the coming few weeks, I will be sharing more on this type of insurance. I will get more material to help you sell insurance, import your goods safely and help the country grow the premiums generated from this neglected income stream. Continue reading “Understanding Marine Insurance.”

Students who Fail in form four are happier in life

Those who torch high school dormitories did not go to a national school they wanted. In fact top Kenyan high schools do not experience bad behavior among students because these students wanted to be there they love their school and want to be associated with its success. Continue reading “Students who Fail in form four are happier in life”

How to strike in high school dear students

Strike defined may mean different things. First, it is the act of hitting or simply hit forcibly or deliberately with one one hand or weapon. I’m not interested in that definition because it’s not related to my discussion. The second meaning is related to the first a sudden attack usual military related.  Air strikes in Syria is a norm these days. And many other definitions that you may like. Continue reading “How to strike in high school dear students”

Top Performing Kenyan High Schools don’t Strike; Because students own the schools

Slightly above ten years ago, before the promulgation of the new constitution, students leadership in high school was through appointment (at least where I schooled this was the norm). What really happened was those students that the administration felt were fit to lead others would be asked to apply for students leadership positions. Deputy principal would literally call you in office explain every reason you should be a leader and the privileges that came with being a leader.


The list of applicants would then go through vetting by the school management and then eventually leaders were appointed among those who applied. I had a short stint in leadership in my high school hey days. I never applied for the position, I never wanted leadership because I would be perceived as a more among student fraternity. But on the day of announcing leaders I was appointed the second most powerful student in school. Deputy School Captain which is the equal of deputy school president in modern day leadership. I turned down the offer but every teacher wanted me in leadership, students as well. My friend David was the school captain and he convinced me that we could do this together.I took the offer.

Students need to own the school.

It was during my tenor as deputy school captain that students misbehaved the most. They would out rightly defy school regulations and expect to get away with it. I took responsibility for most of them including strokes for the school not observing time. I would be called to explain why students we making noise in class and I would suffer because of these until I downed my tools one day. I literally gave up taking responsibility for crop of students who never took school rules seriously. I was a shame. Until you have a taste of what it means to be in charge, don’t fight to get there. You are better where you are.

Second term, around July, Kenya experiences a dark cloud hovering above our high school students. Report after report of different schools burnt down as students burn their dormitories and destroying property and even causing mayhem in the streets. This is the future generation of voters being trained. Analysts say that these children copy what there parents do.

Communication is key in unlocking stalemates.

In a day school that was governed by the church, I experienced students protests against increase in food prices. The administration had felt the economic pressure and the only way to keep the school running was to increase the price of food up by 50%. Students were not comfortable and they tried every means to maintain the prices in no vain. A go slow on the food was planned and finally the administration agreed to meet the students and reach an amicable solution to the problem. I am proud to associated with the negotiation that melted the protests and food prices were maintained on condition that the size wouldn’t remain the same. We agreed and normalcy prevailed.

What I learnt during this time

  • Students need to own the school. A clear culture where the students own the property of the school should be instilled. Students need to understand that buses, dormitories and classes do not belong to the administration, these infrastructure is developed for them to improve their lives.There is a clever way to protest like boycotting lunch or boycott eating all together, or matching to director of education, the administration will listen. Don’t burn down property, that’s cowardice.
  • School management should be creative in communicating change. Students will need to part of the decisions being made. If communicated well and understood, devastating effects of rigid with decisions would not be seen.


This is a reason to blog regularly.

A local underwriter here in Kenya was elated on reading my piece in banc assurance history in Kenya. He said;“I read your article on LinkedIn, It was amazing! I never knew you could write on insurance. Keep it up.”
I asked him how he knew I wrote the article.

“Your name was displayed there in large fonts. I definitely knew that was you.” He didn’t get it. He couldn’t distinguish an article share on LinkedIn and an article on LinkedIn. He was reading an article I wrote on my blog. I never told him about the blog although we interact daily in the course of business. Obviously I knew I wrote the article to answer a rather naïve question from a former roommate in college.

Insurance uptake in Kenya is below 3% with most of the people thinking that it is the preserve of the rich. Bima insurance intends to introduce mobile based insurance in Kenya in the near future. This is perhaps buoyed by the idea that Kenyans take mobile phone innovations more seriously.

If you are not contributing to any scheme, you should consider joining one. Most of the people I spoke to while selling insurance said insurance never pay claims. Please ask yourself why your insurance claim was never paid.

Most analysts feel that there is growth opportunity in insurance in Africa with world largest insurers taking up majority stakes in Local insurance firms. This is in an effort to align themselves with the reality that insurance will be a major thing in the coming years.

My boss has several I insurance policies running, he thinks they are six. He co-owns a spare parts shops with his wife and he also has a restaurant where he has employed people to run. I met a former colleague in the streets of Mombasa and she asked me if I knew the director. He meant my boss.


How to make FREE calls over wi-fi


FREE is a word I have reservations for whenever am online. But needless to say, dont be coz free wifi calling is a reality. You are running low on airtime or the network reception is poor, wifi will get you to close that business deal of your lifetime.

Its not a new concept to us that one can call online. We have skyped, used online chats to send texts and of course WhatsApp that Moses Wafula jokingly refferes to it as what is up. So whats up with this free calls over wifi anyway?


Making a wifi call means making an ordinary call over any wifi network you are connected to. Ordinary means having an option of wifi call over your local network carrier. Simply put you need no application to make this call. And the beauty of it FREE or should I say free for life *bamba tv guy voice over.

Iphone users would require iOS 8.0 and above. Android users vary with the phone model. Check out latest flagship of the model you are using though chances are that an update to android marshmallow would have this function.

Next time you have poor reception switch to wi-fi or better still on li-fi.

One of this fine days rays of the sun could be a big breakthrough in technology. Which gets me thinking if smoke signals did serve the purpose then the future is bright.

How to access scholarly journals for free


One of the most annoying things in academia is trying to find information online yet it is inaccessible. Most websites asks you subscribe or buy articles which are priced differently.

An MBA student will need to access hundreds of journal articles to present a meaningful proposal for him to proceed with his academics. Why is it that information is sold, why would people just make information available for all.

Well there is someone who thought that it was unfair to lock out people who cannot afford the dollars to access Research information from respectable journals in the world.

She build a website that has a database of over 50M scholarly journals most of which you cannot access given your financial status. She is just 27 years old and elsevier, the worlds largest journal database, are suing her for copyright infringement.

Her dot com sight isn’t working but you can trying accessing the database here. If what you are looking for is not available the site will shop around and dumbs the article into its database. This comes as threat to thousands of professors who have writing journal articles and charging to access.

The moment you search for particular information, the site takes you google scholar, if you find the information you want, you click on it and the site goes back to it database and gives the full article, for free.

If the article is not available, the site looks for passwords and the logs in collects the information you want and then gives, then dumbs the article in to its database for the next person to access. There you have it.