President Kenyatta Disappoints me at times

I have a lot of respect for the Constitution. Including the offices and the institutions that derive their authority from the Constitution like the presidency. Whether I voted for the president or not, he becomes my president and party politics go aside.

We are taught from the elementary civic education, whether you are a lawyer or not, that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. There is no defence to the ignorance of the law Any other law that contravenes the Constitution of Kenya is null and void.

The president of the republic of Kenya made utterances that, in my opinion, went overboard regarding the standard that he is supposed to maintain as a symbol of national unity. The idea that if Raila Odinga becomes president, they will impeach him within two or three months in office belittles Kenyatta.

Impeachment of a president arises from three reasons as prescribed in article 145. The first is on the ground of gross violations of a provision of the Constitution or any other law, secondly, where there are substantial grounds for believing that the president has committed a crime under national or international law and lastly gross misconduct.

President uttered the removal from office a Raila presidency with three months on the grounds of numbers he has in the national assembly and their ability to amend the constitution to actualise their greed for power.

Besides the numbers the president refers to, Jubilee party will need a valid reason, not a witch hunt to remove a sitting president elected by the majority of Kenyan citizen.

As much much Jubilee legislators feel that they have the numbers to oust Mr Odinga if he is elected on October 17th, all members of the national assembly should stand firm beyond the confines of their party politics and put this country first.

The Presidency and those who occupy the office unites a nation. Where either Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga become president, they should focus on uniting the country given that Kenyan politics highly polarise the country. Either of the two front runners to the presidency becomes president of Kenya which has little to do with Jubilee or NASA.

Raila Odinga Says Electoral Officials’ Lives Threatened

Raila Odinga made some disturbing allegations that have been captured by the international media. The NASA leader says the lives of some IEBC officials is in grave danger. Below is an excerpt was written by the Associated Press for both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Kenya Opposition Says Electoral Officials' Lives ThreatenedThe lives of some top officials with Kenya’s electoral commission are under “serious threat” from the government ahead of the new presidential election next month, opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed Friday. Odinga, who successfully challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in court, told reporters that some commission NYT

The electoral commission is under pressure by the opposition to reform after the Supreme Court nullified Kenyatta’s re-election and cited irregularities in last month’s vote. Odinga had gone to court claiming vote-rigging.

The above story has also been written in the Washington post by Associated Press. These media reports about a month after another election official was tortured, murdered and his body alongside that of a woman was dumped in a thicket in the outskirts of Kenyan Capital.

However, the local media here in Kenya chose to focus much on the former NASA principle Isaac Ruto shifting allegiance to the ruling Jubilee party. Mr Ruto, a former Governor, lost his bid for re-election to Jubilee candidate Joyce Laboso.

The statement by NASA principle cannot be taken lightly. Action should be taken the secure the lives of the official.

The supreme court of Kenya nullified the August 8th elections here in Kenya by widespread irregularities and illegalities.

The chairman went on to invite the director of public prosecution to conduct investigation on the individual who may have contravened the election offences act.

The supreme court ruling set off a chain of event that left the IEBC commission divided.




Leaked IEBC Memo Shows Deep Rooted Problems

A memo leaked to the public show deep sited rifts between the election commission under the leadership of Wafula Chebukati and its Secretariat headed by Ezra Chiloba.

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati demanded response and explanation on 12 pertinent issues that affected the August 8th election from the commissions CEO.

The supreme court ruling seems to have a ripple effect on the event that led to incumbent Kenyatta being declared the winner of August 8th elections

Mr Chebukati seems not be aware of a user created in his name that performed over 9000 transactions on IEBC servers at the Bomas of Kenya including deletions that raised credibility queries.

The commission spent close to 1 billion to purchase satellite phones primarily for use in areas where there was no network coverage by the major communications networks in Kenya. Kenyan elections were said to be too expensive to the tax payers. The amount spent on gadgets that were not necessary for a country who technological advancement has been lauded worldwide is mind boggling.

Kenyan nurses have been and are still on strike for lack of better pay and poor working condition. The university lecturers plan to down their tools soon for the same reason. Kenya seems to have its priorities wrong with overemphasis event rather than making the country a better place.

OCTOBER 17th, 2017 Kenya Elections Rerun

The Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission finally gave October 17th as the date for the rerun of the 2017 elections. The date lies within the time within which the commission was to prepare for the rerun

The supreme court of Kenya nullified August 8th elections after a successful petition by the opposition candidate Raila Odinga.The Commission, however, said in a statement that the election would be between incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

The Commission, however, said in a statement that the election would be between incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

The highest court had given IEBC 60 days to prepare fresh presidential elections. However, education cabinet secretary asked the IEBC to place the voting day on 17th avoid interference with national examinations.

The Commission, however, said in a statement that the election would be between incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Election Loosers Join Opposition NASA to Oust IEBC and Ruling Jubilee Party

If you follow gossip websites in Kenya, then you should notice that August 8th election losers are throwing their masses behind the opposition.

This follows successful petition by the National Super Alliance flag bearer Raila Odinga. The Supreme Court of Kenya nullified the results as announced by the IEC chairman Wafula Chebukati.

NASA has publicly stated that they current IEBC as constituted cannot run a free fair and credible election. NASA plans to move to court to oust the current leadership of the commission.

On the other hand, the ruling party insist that the IEBC will conduct the election since it’s the only body mandated by the constitution to run an election in Kenya

Immediate former Meru governor and leader of Party of National Unity Peter Munya was welcomed by NASA principles Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi according to Kahawatungu.

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu has also vowed to ensure that Uhuru Kenyatta does not get votes in her county. Ngilu was Cabinet secretary for Land in Kenyatta’s government before being forced to abandon the position on corruption charges.

It seems however that the re run election will be a fierce battle for control of votes in South Nyanza and Western Kenya.

Analysts, however, see a situation where Raila government has challenges to deliver on its agenda in a parliament that is controlled by Uhuru’s Part Jubilee.

Politics in Kenya is known to polarise the country along ethnic lines with communities voting for leaders from their backgrounds regardless of the agenda they have.

Kenya Political Space is Ready for Disruption

The call by the president elect Uhuru Kenyatta to allow Salaries and Remuneration Commission to slash Kenyan MPs is welcome. With both hands. However, the newly elected legislators are ganging up to petition against the move by the commission.

Luckily, the president desire to slash government budget led the president to fully back the SRC while vowing to cripple any move by the MPs, who are yet to be sworn in, to protest against the move.

The most familiar name on twitter is in Kenya is Gladys Wanga. The newly elected MP from Homabay has been vocal about the pay that the incoming legislators will have to bear.

Gathoni wa Muchomba has rescinded on her decision against the Sarah Serem led commission and apologised to her constituents and vowed to abide by what the commission will set as their pay. This follows reports that her move had angered Kiambu residents whom she is supposed to represent in Parliament.

Famed investigative journalist Mohammed Ali ran on an independent ticket with limited resource and still clinched Nyali parliamentary seat. However, Boniface Mwangi was floored and conceded defeat after the cash backed Musician Charles Njagua won Starehe seat.

The political space in Kenya has been a reserve for deep-pocketed lawyers and filthy rich business people. The trend seems to change with more Kenyans joining in to challenge political party backed candidates.

The government is aware of the threat posed by the civil society. After the elections in 2017, the government cracked the whip on two popular civil rights organizations in Kenya; The Africa Centre for Open governance and the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. The two organizations were momentarily deregistered crippling its activities in the country.

Some say the actions of the governments were buoyed by the reality that the civil rights groups have the capacity to challenge the IEBC’s decision. There had been questions being raised on the conduct security organs in Kenya in aftermath of the elections.

It is worth noting that Kenya’s went back to work a week that followed the election in spite of the calls from the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, for Kenyans to boycott work.

It is clear that no political statements will make Kenyans stall the economy by not working. Kenyans returned to work arm twisting Odinga to resort to the courts to file a petition against the IEBC decision to announce President Kenyatta as the winner of the 2017 elections.

As the country struggles to come back to normal after an expensive election, it is worth noting that despite being a young democracy, Kenya held successful elections. There is a need for Kenyans to be more realistic of what is expected of the elected leaders.

Kenya is likely to see an increasing number of candidates who present themselves for political office whether or not they have money to fund their campaigns.



NASA should Just Prepare for 2022, 2017 is done

After a tedious, expensive and disputed election that wasted the entire week, Kenya expected a less rough week. The supporters of Jubilee party were expected to celebrate peacefully while the opposition and losers, NASA, mourn while expressing their dissatisfaction. It was anticipated that NASA fans wouldn’t be happy with the news of Uhuru Kenyatta becoming president elect. Demonstrations in Kenya are never known to be peaceful.

Kenya Police mercilessly shot dead Kenyans who were not satisfied with the results of the elections. The number of casualties is not readily known due to different figures of various entities. However, there were two notable fatalities of children one who succumbed to gunshot wounds and another in Nyanza died after police raided the home.

The acting Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi said in a statement that the police did not shoot anyone who was peacefully demonstrating.  The parent of murdered girl in Nairobi’s Kibera area says the girl died of police gunshot wounds.

The freedom of the press was again at risk after a KTN reporter was put behind bars allegedly for wearing protective clothing without a permit.

There have been outright gross violations of human rights in Mathare, Kibera and part of Nyanza in greater western Kenya Region. Unlike the developed nations, there is no arm of the government that department in Kenya’s judicial system that checks lawlessness in the police force.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority is toothless. The best they can do is go to morning TV shows to tell Kenyans that no one has lodged formal complaints or there is insufficient evidence to take actions against rogue police officers

Barely a week after Kenyans went to the ballot and less than five days since the IEBC announced Uhuru Kenyatta as the president elect, police raided the only institutions that check it. The Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNHRC) and African Centre for Open Governance (AFRICOG) play a vital role that citizens may not have the capacity to undertake.

The government must realise that these NGO’s have to exist in the first. De registering them hurts human rights and the role that they NGO’s play.

The Kenya’s government does not want to be checked. The NGO coordination board boss shows no regard for institutions that watch the government.  Non-governmental organisations that engaged in unlawful activities must be punished. However, these should be based on just allegations but rather be based on factual and concrete evidence that can pass the test in a court of law.

At this juncture, there is a retrogressive growth in Kenya’s democracy in that we take one step ahead for peaceful elections and the two steps back because of the behaviour of security organs.

The national super alliance announced its intention to contest the presidential election in the Supreme Court. This is a welcome move that is likely to boost public confidence in institutions of justice. In a statement to the media, the NASA flag bearer called the results computer generated and went ahead to say it does not reflect the desire of Kenyans.

Whether it’s true or not, taking the matter to the highest arbitrator on land is the right move for the national super alliance. However, with the behaviour of the national police lately, NASA may need to have a proper strategy for the next elections.