Jack Ma in Kenya? In the company of 38 Billionaires? Be very, very afraid.

Jack Ma landed in Kenya July 20th, 2017. He was in the company bunch of 38 billionaires. 38 billionaire friends. The political beat stopped for a bit in Kenya to focus on what he had to say.

The executive chairman and co-founder of the online market place Alibaba then hit the ground running first with a meeting with the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House.

After which he addressed a congregation of youthful innovators at the University of Nairobi’s Chandaria hall

Every newspaper and online magazine that I follow wrote about what he said. The concentration went to the University of Nairobi Chandaria Hall. The centre of attraction was Jack Ma. The media and Facebook live streams were singing praise for his inspiring speech.

No one is writing or saying about what he didn’t say. The 38 billionaires who jetted in with him seemed to be conspicuously missing from the talk.

Could it be that Jack Ma was a distraction from the real mission in Kenya?

Where were the 38 billionaire friends stuffed? No one confirmed that they were in attendance.

So why Kenya at this moment? The influence of the Chinese in Africa has been growing. It is like there is a power shift from the west eastwards. More Chinese corporations are winning contracts all over Africa. The Chinese win every major road construction tender in Kenya. It is a good thing though.

China has seen our future. As the entire developed nations continue to lament of the ageing populations, Africa boasts of a very young, energetic and adventurous youths. The average age in Africa right now is about 20 years. Which means in the next 30 years, according to Jack Ma, the world will be ours for the taking.

Unexploited Natural Resources

Did you know that every five minutes there is a truck transporting mined mineral in Kwale County? I do not want to say it is titanium. If you have been lucky to drive along the Likoni-Msambweni route, you might have seen the yellow trucks which never stops until it reaches the port?

You meet these vehicles every three to five minutes 24/7.

Did you know that Kenya Ferry Docking space along Kilindini harbour had to be abandoned for these large ships to dock and transport whatever they carry?

A very logical question to our government is, I cannot understand why Tiomin invested so much in trucks and marine vessels to transport raw materials outside this country.

Isn’t it cheaper for them to set a processing plant at the premises and employ locals and export finished products?

Why Kenya Presidential Debate 2017 Failed. Media Is to Blame

I religiously went home last evening full of hope. I was particularly happy just thinking of how the Kenya presidential debate 2017nwould be. I had this idea in my head that I have an opportunity to make a decision who to vote for.

Unfortunately, Presidential running mates in Kenya just ignored a call to debate even after months of preparation and subsequent communication with respective campaign teams.

Only one little know running mate Eliud Mathiora showed up, took to the podium to tell the country why they have the perfect solution to the Kenya. Kenyans on social media fell in love with him. I think he did well. He may not ascend to power this time, but he will remain in voters minds as one who had the courage to present himself for scrutiny of his agenda.

The lone debater confirmed that there had been consistent communication between the organising committee and the campaign teams

Snubbing the debates began with front runners to the presidential seat boycotting an earlier scheduled debate. President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga cited non-consultation, and they were not privy to the rules of engagement.

However, the organising committee of the Kenya Presidential Debate 2017 refutes the claims and further reiterated that there had been consultations with the respective campaign teams.

It seems politicians are not afraid of what the media can do. They are used to status quo of attending many public rallies and rant false statements and propaganda against each other. The media on the, on the other hand, does not recognise the potential and influence they possess.

Politicians do not want to have a single platform to explain to the entire nation at the same time why they should be elected. They want to stand on a platform in the towns to be cheered as they attack their opponent with meagre propaganda.

The snubbing of the debates can be seen as failed attempt by concerned Kenyans to hold leaders accountable. However, the failed presidential debates are just but the beginning of a new norm.

Candidates can boycott standing in front of the nation to articulate their ideologies to the country, but it won’t be long, they will have to account for every decision they made while in power.

The Shift

The political landscape is changing. Very fast indeed. The rise of social media has placed Kenyans physically apart, but they are closer than ever. Voters can synthesise and discuss issues on social media pages.

Presidential debate failure last night was the beginning of something very great that will shape the leadership of this nation. Leaders will be held into account. I see a country that is headed in the right direction.

The only thing that the organising committee must do is never give up. They should continue offering a platform for Kenyans to know their leaders and be able to make a choice away from tribal, religious or gender affiliations.

Here is the plan

The focus should shift from covering allegations and responses on propaganda and non-issues to focus on what brings change. Weed out “Nasa hawa” and focus on “We’ll bring free improve health for every Kenyan and Free education.”

The media should stop being a conduit for allegation and responses. They should rather focus on national matters that the leaders have in their manifestos. Boycott to report about what Jubilee said about Nasa and focused on what Jubilee said about the people. If allegations are made against either camp, we need journalists pressing these leaders to provide proof. With proof ask the other team to respond with proof.

If the media do some quality reporting and upholding top level reporting, then the politician will be very very afraid of the reporters.

5 Websites You Should Follow to Improve Your Blogging Career

Reading other blogs improves your writing skills and ultimately improve your blogs. Today I am going to share five websites that I regularly read to keep me inspired.

These five form the top five in my bookmark list. I skim through the sites to check what they have to share. They are successful at what they do, and they have been an influence on my journey.

Penelope Trunk

She is an accomplished career coach and a media personality in the United States. She gives advice at the intersection of work and life, and I do enjoy her perspective on life.

She says you should choose to have sex over your career.Her posts are mind boggling sometimes she sounds crazy. She will tell you that you will never earn from blogging. You should read her blog.


An Indian award winning blog that will give you insights on the latest trends in blogging fraternity. The owner of the blog, Harsh Agwaral, has ideas that would inspire your journey including sharing his income reports.

He also shares some advice on how to get started with monetizing your blog. It is a great place to get information on affiliate marketing.

Personal Excellence

She left her lucrative career at PnG to pursue her passion. She says her passion was helping people discover and grow themselves.

Her blog shares some long form posts that have encouraging stuff to keep you going, even when you feel depressed. She has thousands of materials ranging from e-books that talk about love to career choice and it is just amazing how positive she is about life.

Biko Zulu

He shares incredible stories about life. He says, everything that happens every day is a story and is worth being shared. His creativity and use of words have improved the way I view situations in life.

Unlike Penelope who shares her real life events, Biko speaks about things that happen around him. Penelope is so blatant in the way she describes even her own sex life (it is not what you think. read through her blog)

News Websites

I read the news every day. New keeps me in shape around what is happening. It gives me inspiration to critic news items. When you feel like you don’t have what to write, watching or reading news can be an important way to start off.

Getting news depends on where you are and your favourite newscaster, or app or website. I like Aljazeera. They seem more objective that the others world media houses and Reuters too. But if you are in the UK you should have a favourite like the BBC and CNN in the US. Those are just examples.

The IEBC Must Step Up its Decision Making Organs.

Kenya is on the home stretch towards the August 8th elections. The question that lingers in the minds of many is whether the IEBC is ready with less than a month for August elections. IEBC has a long way to go with the courts faulting some of the decisions that they are making.

The news from the other arm of government, the judiciary, seems to bring some hope for the future. One of the judges appointed to hear a case filed by NASA to compel IEBC to use the electronic system in the next general election exclusively has recused himself from the case. He said that he practised with one of the NASA principals and it would be improper for him to sit on the bench.

Lately, the manner in which the Judiciary and its members have been acting is rather commendable and encouraging. Kenya is almost confident that the courts can handle the aftermath of the 2017 elections. The judiciary has practised impartiality and ruled cases in a manner to suggest that Kenya is heading in the right direction.

Despite calls from incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Willian Ruto that the courts should not take their respect for fear, it is interesting to note members from all political camps seem satisfied with the ruling on presidential ballot paper printing tender against the IEBC.

The ballot raw ruling follows an earlier ruling in which the courts overturned the decision by IEBC to bar Wavinya Ndeti from contesting for Machakos gubernatorial seat. It was a win for Wavinya and rather shameful loss for IEBC who have suffered a series of losses seems the swearing in of the new commissioners.

There is a concern though for the IEBC chaired by Wafula Chebukati. The commission which consists of experienced legal practitioners and members of high social standing has been making reckless and rather arbitrary decisions that have been easily dismissed by the courts for lack of legal basis.

As a constitutional body mandated to carry out free, fair, credible and verifiable elections, the IEBC has a long way to go lest it loses its credibility in the eyes of Kenyans and the international community. Decisions that IEBC makes must stand the test of the law and found to be just and constitutional.

The Constitution of Kenya has deployed necessary resources for the IEBC to run a credible election. Kenyans have bestowed their trust in the IEBC to be effective in its role. It must not fail Kenyans. IEBC must work round the clock to ensure that the Judiciary does not overshadow it with repeated revocation of the decisions the commission makes including announcing the winners of August 8th polls.



Secrets About Parenting I learnt the hard way

Do people google how to parent their children? I know people have more experience than I do and I don’t believe people Google parenting. People search online how to do things.

However, I have always sought the advice of a paediatrician whenever our son was ill. You should too.

Your child learns from you. So try to do the right thing.

A child’s brain develops with time. As you continue helping your child discover the world, know that more than 75% of what the child does is dependent on parenting.

I have learnt to thank my wife after every meal profoundly for him to learn to be thankful. Try to take care of everything, do the right thing at all time in the presence of your child. Children trail their parents to know how to do things.

Create family routines like eating time, sleeping time, morning routine.

We never used to pray before we slept. My wife used to go to bed earlier, and I would follow later after hours of creating this content.

Then one time I decided to to go to be early. So we all retire at the same time. Then I ask my wife to pray. The second day, Ethan reminded us to sleep together and before sleeping, pray together.

Delegate to your child some tasks. Delegating makes the child feel honoured and loved and Valued

Our son is in charge of some duties in the house. He makes sure then curtains are open and closed depending on the time of the day. He switches off and on the lights accordingly. I see him feel so elated whenever he does his job.

We, sometimes, clash over who should zip his mother’s dress when she is dressing up, but I am okay.

Children understand better when you let them handle some tasks in the house. Teaching your kids to deal with chores around the house makes them more responsible.

Children, even those still learning to communicate, will use the potty and remind or call you to dispose of the poop. Aren’t they awesome?


Africa Doesn’t Need the West to Grow

African countries do not need US, China or Europe to survive. African needs alliances that will equally benefit in terms of research and proper exploitation of its resources that will leave Africans with wealth to stand on their own. Over dependence on the west leaves Africa poor and destitute.

In the last decade, there has been a rising concern of population in Africa with an estimated 60% of African population being younger than 25. This statistic makes Africa a power to reckon with regarding productivity and innovation that come with it and developed nations are worried.

The secret weapon the West has is to tie African countries to half-millennium-long debt that is often siphoned through unscrupulous businessmen and shady contracts. Huge IT firms in the US are said to be headed by immigrants from India.

However, developed countries face hurdles over the deteriorating birthrates. Some states have been forced to import workforce to match the needs of the economy.

Europe’s birthrate is staggeringly low attracting an influx of refugees from war-torn areas like Syria and North Africa. The worry for the current leadership is to accept the humanitarian crisis in destabilized the Middle East, economically ailing African continent and the already evident power of China, Iran, and North Korea.

Britain is trying so hard to run away from what it advocated during the colonial era, Brexit. Exiting the European Union because it couldn’t dictate its force to other members. It is even more challenging for Britain to leave given that its population has been hosted well across European and any aggression efforts against non-British citizens are likely to be met with equal measure across the other United European countries which leaves Britain in a dilemma.

Young African population has risen so fast in the recent past spilling over to Europe through Italy raising a concern of the next generation of the African-European population that will likely force a shift to a new form of power.

Intermarriage will happen one way or the other. The low birthrate and influx of immigrants both legal and illegal pose a huge challenge for existing world order.

Asia is a rising political and economic force that gives the West jitters. It is common sense that North Korea is not scared of United States anymore. The superpower struggle between the US and Russia balances the equation to give countries like North Korea to do whatever it wants. On the other hand, China, which has formed allies with African nations is another force that anyone should be aware of.

Trump’s ideologies are a mockery of faith, family and societal virtues that were long standing thousands of generations according to New York Times. Some opinion leaders don’t like Trump for this, and the rise of gender equity and equality is likely to ruin his tenure.

7 Facts About Workplaces That Will Surprise Your Friends

Do you work on Saturdays? Now scientists discovered that after working 40 hours in a week, your productivity reduces by 50%. If you were not able to complete your job within 5-days, Saturday wouldn’t make you productive, at all. Stay home, sleep and play with your kids. I searched online and found other seven interesting facts about workplaces that won’t surprise you, but will surprise your friends.

Stay home, sleep and play with your kids. I searched online and found other seven interesting facts about workplaces that won’t surprise you, but will surprise your friends.

Mondays are the most popular sick days

Mondays are the most popular sick days in workplaces and Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Interesting! Right? Weekend tends to make workers lazy. Some say its the best day to schedule interviews, meet potential clients and corner your employer to give you a pay rise.

In Mexico, People work more days than the rest of the world.

According to CNN, Mexicans work averagely 519 more hours that an average American worker. Mexican average 45 hours a week which is higher that any industrialized nation worldwide.

The only bad thing is that there a huge gender gap with 78% of men having jobs. In Chile, people work 50hours a week? Where are you?

France prohibited Alcohol in workplaces.But not Wine

Alcohol in French office was mandated by until in 2014 when a court ruled to abolish alcohol in offices.

Email Addiction is a Real Disease.

I worked in a bank, and the only way to get things done is to send an email. It sucks to hear someone failing to do his/her job then blaming the colleague for not sending an email. Emails in offices is an addiction and further a disease that needs attention.

In Germany, female employees must wear a bra.

In 2011 a German court ruled that bosses have a right to order female employees to wear bras. Also, the length of a lady’s fingernails can be determined by her immediate superior and her hair must clean and groomed. The story in the daily mail. Read.

Recently Ugandan government prohibited female employees from wearing miniskirts and having long nails. Then there was so much fuss across the media fraternity. It is common for dress code to be set at workplaces

Listening to Music while working makes things get done faster.

Telecommuting worker is more productive when given a job that requires creativity but less productive when given a random repetitive task.

5 Ways Blogging is Completely Overrated

Recently my friend asked how he could make money while he slept. I didn’t think of anything else. So I asked him what he loves, and he told me Databases, Linux and something else I don’t remember. So I told him to start a blog. That was the dumbest advice I have ever given out. Admittedly, I should have told him to start a company then employ people to work for him then he can sleep.

  1. Most successful bloggers have a journalistic background. The rest were so good at what they did unlike you. Some are teachers and others are engineers. After successfully teaching and creating materials for teachers, they stop and start telling you how fun it is to blog. It is not fun. At all. Biko Zulu doesn’t narrate how he became successful, but he has had exposure to the media as a columnist. Oh, and he is so good at what he does.

You won’t earn any income. I am pragmatic real here. For a young Kenyan to make it online, start a rumor-mongering website. Kenyans love rumors. Better still, you could start covering what the mainstream media is pushing under the carpet. Now for you to do that, you need to be in the media. You are not. You just finished college, and you need a real job to get you going.

The only thing you can do now is creative work. Start reselling computers as I do. Get some cash, look for a distributor and launch your own business.

  1. Most successful bloggers don’t give you anything concrete. They talk about how they became successful, and you kill yourself trying to be them.

Like Penelope, she talks about how she managed to launch her four startups, divorced her husband and fell in love with a farmer. Then she fell out of love, and she now writes about her talented son auditioning and joining Julliard, and you think blogging is cool.

She only teaches me to be me. Otherwise, I don’t care what she did to be where she is. It doesn’t work that way.

Do you realize that what motivates you is lucky people who do not have a real formula to get you where they are? That is why I don’t encourage you to Google and read about blogging. Just read and write. You will be blogging.

  1. Like any other, other business, you need capital to start. The idea that you need 0 investment in blogging is far fetched. For to have an engaging blog, you need to employ tech guys to help you with setting up your site. If you are lucky to have a techy friend, then you need money to buy a domain and hosting. So you need close to 200 dollars to set yourself up.


You will then need to burn the midnight oil creating content. Whether videos or walking and looking for images or typing your ideas, It needs investment. There is no get rich quick scheme. You have to work either way or buy content that will maybe not meet the standard of what you are looking for.


  1. Blogging is for those who read a lot. You don’t read, and there is no way you can write without reading. The only you can generate new ideas is listening to what others have to say. Perhaps reading someone’s predicament or solving someone’s challenge. That way, you get ideas on what to write next. Or only write about how you solved someone’s problem. Then you end up being a blogger because you talk about how you do things.

  2. You want to start blogging because you heard people make money blogging or stumbled upon a bloggers income and traffic report, and you said whoa! Now listen. The revenue report was generated for you to get it. Income report cannot be the reason you blog. Here is a reason you should perhaps blog.

  • You went through a devastating experience in life, and you emerged victoriously. Don’t write about blogging experience. Why? Everyone is doing that.
  • Something like getting away from the jaw of cancer or HIV. Hehehe!

  • You did an extraordinary thing that’s hard to keep telling people. You write the story and let the people buy the book and read. Alternatively, you can avail to for free on a blog.
  • You are so talented and everyone is interested in you. I mean everyone want to talk to you and you don’t have that time and you hate public life. You can blog.