Major Events leading up to Kenya Elections 2017

The world is aware that Kenyans will be heading for the ballot on August 8th, 2017. Kenya Elections 2017 has been searched a thousand times given the heated rivalry between the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition stalwart Raila Odinga who is running on his Orange Democratic Party ticket backed by National Super Alliance.

Raila Odinga had taken to court to stop the printing of presidential ballots claiming that there was a plot to rig the election. The court ruled in their favour, a decision that was reversed after IEBC appealed the case.

President Uhuru Kenyatta boycotted presidential debate 2017. This decision by the president left the former prime minister Raila Odinga on his own to sell himself to Kenyans.

The deputy president appeared on the media to claim that they were being blackmailed into debates. Despite the indication that Uhuru would not attend the debate, the presidential debate organising committee went ahead to advertised the debate.

Deputy president also missed the running mates debates. The running coalition passed the opportunity of live coverage with more than 9milion Kenyans watching the debate.

The major events in the 2017 elections also include the military involvement in the 2017 Kenya election which the opposition party opposed. The revelations came in the wake of the claim that Jubilee had plans to rig the elections. The cabinet secretary has played down NASA claims and branded the document presented as fake and fabricated to instil fear in the minds of Kenyans

Kenyans took to social media to condemn printing of extra 1milion presidential ballot papers. Dr Akuro Aukot, running on a less popular third-way alliance called on the IEBC to destroy additional ballots saying it was a recipe for disaster. All social media requests fell on deaf ears.

The murder of ICT director Chris Musando less than ten days to the election raised concerns about the credibility of the elections. The authorities are yet to unravel the mystery on who killed him and why? Many questions are being asked including who stands to benefit from the death of the man in charge of the security of the IEBC voting system.

Top 2 Most Visited Kenyan Websites

Public Likes

Public Likes is a get rich quick scheme that has been red flagged as the next big scam in Kenya. The website’s popularity has risen very fast in the second quota of 2017 heading to the elections.

Visitors to this site spend at least 30 minutes daily according to analysis website Alexa. This reduced the bounce rate of the site beating the 3rd most popular gossip and raw news website TUKO

Public Likes has more Kenyan MALE visitors than females and is ranked 11th most popular site in Kenya.(12076 most popular globally). The desire to make more money faster has propelled the website’s success online

The site is visited more by college graduated visitors with at least more than half having degrees. The website has never advertised itself and the strategy to give visitors free money has given it all it needs.

More than half of the visitors to public likes visit it from home internet with the rest opting to visit the website from work. No school going visitors on this website. Well educated people, mostly millennial men want more money faster and easy.


Tuko is a Gossip and Raw news website that first appeared in the seen in 2015. The website features local news mostly targeting gossip lovers in Kenya.

The site owners invested heavily through advertising which has paid off. Tuko now ranks as the 3rd most popular site behind google and youtube in Kenya. is more popular that renowned social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

More than half of visitors reside in Kenya. Astonishingly the website does not give any unique content for users., unlike public likes, own a mobile app and in most cases, the site comes bookmarked in opera mini browser perhaps due to its popularity

Visitors spend about seven and a half minutes on the site. has a high bounce of about 50% which means most visitors do not want to be on the site.

Women form the largest category of visitors based on gender on the website compared to men, a clear indication of how women love to gossip. Men, on the other hand, tend to enjoy free money.

The site is mostly visited mostly from work places followed by unknown locations, probably visitors on transit and then schoolers.


Short Facebook story: Do your  connections engage?

Here is what I have learned over the few years I have been on Facebook.

  • A picture of my son attracts more likes, comments and more user engagement than anything else on my timeline.
  • A picture of my wife and I would attract much more engagement online than being alone. I get one or two likes, and no discussions on a photo am alone except when am clothless on the beach.
  • A post without a picture is like tasteless coffee. Very few, or no one reads. But the eyes that see… so many. (unless you are the type that generates controversy).
  • Try to smile in every photo. Alison McQueen taught me that.

Obviously, children; (actually babies) are adorable and lovely. My son’s photo captures the attention of my connections more than a picture of me. My wife on my timeline generates some discussion as well. But myself..Nuh!

My connections seem to care about what is happening around me more than what is going on inside me. They care about visible things they can relate to. I told my friends on Facebook that I would be graduating in December.

During the graduation ceremony, I informed them that I was graduating. I tweeted about it; nobody cared really. They after graduation I posted my photo in academic gown alongside my wife smiling (she banned me from posting my son’s photo on Facebook) and boom! Congratulatory messages started streaming in. My phone wouldn’t stop beeping for the better part of the day. Photos just do the magic.

My connections want to know what relates to them. The would want to know if I have a new job, new business, about your family, new births, new marriages, graduations because I’m setting a standard for them to beat. It should be a motivation to me since I’m a motivation to them (not all, just you!)

There is one problem though; photos do not generate the kind of conversation I would want to have. Positive criticism following discussions that would challenge my wit. I find most discussions that follow photo posts shallow. I resolved to post photos in long blog posts to catch your attention maybe, just maybe I can start a conversation. But my efforts have been futile.