The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research

Ever wondered the ideal length of your blog post? Yea! me too. I tried looking for information. There is no ideal length. rather here is some useful information to get you going.

In August 16th, 2002, Mark Bernstein published the ten tips on writing the living web. The article was a master piece remains relevant today. The author shared some insights that have always been an anchor in my content creation over time. Here are the tips and how I have been able to follow through.

Write for a reason

I write because I believe content creators have not done enough to satisfy me. So, since I’m not satisfied, there are a bunch of others like me. Blogs are the second most visited web properties in social media.

Write often

To write often you need to be up-to-date with the latest development in your field. Be it politics, technology, business or international affairs whichever is your sphere stay updates. The author reiterates the importance of writing often not necessarily constantly or writing long content, but writing often.

Maybe you don’t like your job; maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.
Write tight

It’s more than fifteen years since Bernstein wrote his piece. There was no grammar/proofreading software then, I suppose. There are there now. Plenty of them. You are lucky to be living in a generation that is full of software can assist in writing tight, according to Bernstein.

Make good friends

I didn’t much about blogging until I got in touch with a friend of mine who introduced me to WordPress. He had a technology background, and he enjoyed it. He set me up within a day, and I was good to go. You do not need to know everything that is in this world. We are often asked to read. Widely.

The truth is you can never be the monopoly of knowledge hence you need that support structure to keep you going.

Progress is a nice word.
Find good enemies

Criticism is the basis of daily improvement. The world without constructive criticism does not develop. For an idea to be accepted by anyone, it has to be reviewed, and there is no better reviewer than your competition or enemy for that matter.

Let the story unfold

Nobody cares much about typos. I receive short text messages with typos every other time. I do send messages with types. Not emails. Focus on the main story that you want to deliver to your audience. The initial title for this post was the length of everything online until I started writing and noticed I had deviated to something else.

Stand up and speak out

I am going to plagiarise here. If you know your facts and have done your homework thoroughly, you are entitled to your opinion. Always have a basis to defend whatever premise you present to your audience. Learn to care less about people’s opinion.

Learn to form your own opinion and defend it. If you can’t support your views, don’t present it out there to the public. Embarrassing.

Be Sexy

Don’t hide anything or fear to say because it is embarrassing. One of my favourite blogger says you should choose sex over the job. The topic sounded crazy, but it had tonnes of insights about workplaces. Never shy from expressing the real you. If you support particular candidature state it.

In 2017 during Kenya presidential election, I had not decided who to vote for until the Presidential debate. The incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta refused to turn up for the debate. I dropped him down the pecking order, In front of all relatives from my wife’s side. They were all pro government which had their son as deputy president. I told them I would not vote for the government because he didn’t turn up for the interview.

You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like.

Then Relax

5 Websites You Should Follow to Improve Your Blogging Career

Reading other blogs improves your writing skills and ultimately improve your blogs. Today I am going to share five websites that I regularly read to keep me inspired.

These five form the top five in my bookmark list. I skim through the sites to check what they have to share. They are successful at what they do, and they have been an influence on my journey.

Penelope Trunk

She is an accomplished career coach and a media personality in the United States. She gives advice at the intersection of work and life, and I do enjoy her perspective on life.

She says you should choose to have sex over your career.Her posts are mind boggling sometimes she sounds crazy. She will tell you that you will never earn from blogging. You should read her blog.


An Indian award winning blog that will give you insights on the latest trends in blogging fraternity. The owner of the blog, Harsh Agwaral, has ideas that would inspire your journey including sharing his income reports.

He also shares some advice on how to get started with monetizing your blog. It is a great place to get information on affiliate marketing.

Personal Excellence

She left her lucrative career at PnG to pursue her passion. She says her passion was helping people discover and grow themselves.

Her blog shares some long form posts that have encouraging stuff to keep you going, even when you feel depressed. She has thousands of materials ranging from e-books that talk about love to career choice and it is just amazing how positive she is about life.

Biko Zulu

He shares incredible stories about life. He says, everything that happens every day is a story and is worth being shared. His creativity and use of words have improved the way I view situations in life.

Unlike Penelope who shares her real life events, Biko speaks about things that happen around him. Penelope is so blatant in the way she describes even her own sex life (it is not what you think. read through her blog)

News Websites

I read the news every day. New keeps me in shape around what is happening. It gives me inspiration to critic news items. When you feel like you don’t have what to write, watching or reading news can be an important way to start off.

Getting news depends on where you are and your favourite newscaster, or app or website. I like Aljazeera. They seem more objective that the others world media houses and Reuters too. But if you are in the UK you should have a favourite like the BBC and CNN in the US. Those are just examples.

5 Ways Blogging is Completely Overrated

Recently my friend asked how he could make money while he slept. I didn’t think of anything else. So I asked him what he loves, and he told me Databases, Linux and something else I don’t remember. So I told him to start a blog. That was the dumbest advice I have ever given out. Admittedly, I should have told him to start a company then employ people to work for him then he can sleep.

  1. Most successful bloggers have a journalistic background. The rest were so good at what they did unlike you. Some are teachers and others are engineers. After successfully teaching and creating materials for teachers, they stop and start telling you how fun it is to blog. It is not fun. At all. Biko Zulu doesn’t narrate how he became successful, but he has had exposure to the media as a columnist. Oh, and he is so good at what he does.

You won’t earn any income. I am pragmatic real here. For a young Kenyan to make it online, start a rumor-mongering website. Kenyans love rumors. Better still, you could start covering what the mainstream media is pushing under the carpet. Now for you to do that, you need to be in the media. You are not. You just finished college, and you need a real job to get you going.

The only thing you can do now is creative work. Start reselling computers as I do. Get some cash, look for a distributor and launch your own business.

  1. Most successful bloggers don’t give you anything concrete. They talk about how they became successful, and you kill yourself trying to be them.

Like Penelope, she talks about how she managed to launch her four startups, divorced her husband and fell in love with a farmer. Then she fell out of love, and she now writes about her talented son auditioning and joining Julliard, and you think blogging is cool.

She only teaches me to be me. Otherwise, I don’t care what she did to be where she is. It doesn’t work that way.

Do you realize that what motivates you is lucky people who do not have a real formula to get you where they are? That is why I don’t encourage you to Google and read about blogging. Just read and write. You will be blogging.

  1. Like any other, other business, you need capital to start. The idea that you need 0 investment in blogging is far fetched. For to have an engaging blog, you need to employ tech guys to help you with setting up your site. If you are lucky to have a techy friend, then you need money to buy a domain and hosting. So you need close to 200 dollars to set yourself up.


You will then need to burn the midnight oil creating content. Whether videos or walking and looking for images or typing your ideas, It needs investment. There is no get rich quick scheme. You have to work either way or buy content that will maybe not meet the standard of what you are looking for.


  1. Blogging is for those who read a lot. You don’t read, and there is no way you can write without reading. The only you can generate new ideas is listening to what others have to say. Perhaps reading someone’s predicament or solving someone’s challenge. That way, you get ideas on what to write next. Or only write about how you solved someone’s problem. Then you end up being a blogger because you talk about how you do things.

  2. You want to start blogging because you heard people make money blogging or stumbled upon a bloggers income and traffic report, and you said whoa! Now listen. The revenue report was generated for you to get it. Income report cannot be the reason you blog. Here is a reason you should perhaps blog.

  • You went through a devastating experience in life, and you emerged victoriously. Don’t write about blogging experience. Why? Everyone is doing that.
  • Something like getting away from the jaw of cancer or HIV. Hehehe!

  • You did an extraordinary thing that’s hard to keep telling people. You write the story and let the people buy the book and read. Alternatively, you can avail to for free on a blog.
  • You are so talented and everyone is interested in you. I mean everyone want to talk to you and you don’t have that time and you hate public life. You can blog.

How Long Should a Good Blog Post be?

There is not set a standard length blog post. A blogpost is useful if it can drive traffic to your website and informing your audience. The most important is to inform your reader. I do blog, and I understand some of the question writers ask, how long is an effective blog post?

Here is my rule.

A standard blog post should be around 450 to five hundreds words. If it is longer than that, then it means you don’t care about mobile phone users. Longer posts are intended for an audience who have time to read. Otherwise, organic audience search for ways to do things without much interest. If they land what they want in a short period, then they are likely to come back, or even bookmark your site.

More than 60% of internet users access the internet through smartphones. The penetration of smartphones has exceeded laptops and computers. More people are searching for ideas on how to do things on their mobile phone. Try to look at google trends. Create more content for smartphone users with occasional long form content to take care of your ardent readers

Reading very long content on a smartphone is tiresome.
Most smartphone users will read the first paragraph to get the idea in the post then scroll down.

You cannot place your most relevant content on the second or third paragraph; no one will read especially smartphone users. Make sure the most relevant information on the blog post is in the first paragraph, somewhere middle paragraph and summarize in the last paragraph. It is important to have a summary of your post. I read summaries if I feel there is important information in the post, then I definitely scroll back.

The comment section of your post is a goldmine. Always follow up what your readers are saying and drive them by answering their concern to more informative posts on your blog. Even if the post is engaging, it will only do justice to you if the post can refer your reader to other relevant posts on your blog.

When I come across a very long form read, and I don’t have time to read. I straight away go to the last paragraph and continue down to the comments section. There I can land very crucial information about the post. That is the easiest way to scheme through the post.

Here is a reminder of the key elements

Affective blog post should be atleast 400 words. Make sure the most relevant information is in the first paragraph or at least mention it there. Most internet users are on smartphones. It is not fun to read long form content on a smartphone. The comment section of your blog is a goldmine. you can direct your visitors to other relevant posts on your site. It is as effective as putting links on your site. I wish your these simple hacks from my experience and improve your online presence.

Cheapest Way to Set Up a Website

If you want to blog or sell online or affiliate marketing in general, don’t use ads you see that take you direct to the hosting company like HostGator or Bluehost. You know why? It is expensive for you. The cheapest way is to look for posts about blogging and successful affiliate marketers and go through the links they provide. It is usually cheaper since they are given discounts to attract clients.

When I started writing, I knew about making money online but didn’t know about affiliate marketing until I read about it on another Indian blogging guru. Marketing is never easy, and it needs dedication and hard work. It requires you create evergreen content that will always work for you when you are asleep. One word of advice is that don’t read too much about affiliate marketing. Read about creating good quality content and then write content that is relevant in the coming ten years, and you will earn from it.

Hosting firms are aggressive marketing for their services. Further, most of them compete with their affiliates for the same customers making it difficult for newbie bloggers to direct traffic. I wrote a post about starting a blog and putting links to my hosting partners.

The effect was amazing. I immediately notice a sharp increase in the number of Ads from Bluehost and HostGator coming through AdSense code I had on my blog. Despite my low number of readers, I didn’t feel that my partners were doing a fair job in aggressively advertising while asking affiliates to help them sell. So I blocked them on AdSense and allowed my visitors to use my link. It is cheaper, remember.

This is why you need to go through an affiliate

Affiliate get a special discount which means it will be less costly to start a blog. I occasionally receive discount packages for my clients which are usually not available if you go directly. These offers are not advertised. They are unique for affiliates, and perhaps that is a reason you need go through them.

You get better customer service. When an affiliate marketer refers a client, its none of their business what happens after that. But hey, listen, you can always go back and drop a comment to the blog that referred you. I am sure the blogger will take up the matter and address the complaint with their partners. It will be damning for a blogger to tarnish they name of their partners and for sure they don’t want that. Your hosting partner will sort you out faster.

WP Engine Hosting Review

The internet has opened incredible opportunities for businesses. A new blogger just needs to know how to tap into this goldmine and drive sales and revenues. Consumers are turning to search engines for information about products and services.

Therefore business need a proper plan while making a move for online customers. There are important considerations to take while setting up an online presence. First, the security of both the business and the customers.

Second, a company will need a hosting partner with reputation, technology, and resources to avert threats that are imminent on the web. It is interesting to note that WPEngine hosting has 5% of online world visits a website hosted by WP Engine.To help businesses in making a better-informed decision while going online, here is a WPEngine hosting review to consider.

More than half of active websites run on WordPress.

About 24Million websites.In this WPEngine hosting review, we keep in mind the need to have a content management system that is reliable and trusted worldwide. WordPress is arguably the best in the market.

WPEngine Hosting has partnered with WordPress to give businesses premium service at affordable rates. Did you know that blogs are the second most visited online properties after social media? Now, that reiterates the need for your business to have a blog for informational purposes.

Otherwise, companies should consider having a website that showcases the products and services that it offers. E-commerce is gaining foot and not long, consumers will order online and goods are delivered at their doorstep.

91% of smartphone users turn to their devices for ideas before making buying decisions.

As much as it is easier for modern business to decide to have a website or an app, either informational purposes of drive sales, older business tends to shy away from this new technological reality.

Online presence is of paramount importance. Not just because the competition is digitized, but because customers are online. For any business to stay relevant, it may need to distinguish itself with an informative blog.

89% of marketers in the United States reported an increase in the revenues after personalization of their websites and Apps.

For any business that seeks to grow its boundaries beyond borders, there is no cheaper way than stamping some level of authority online.

Trends show that consumers trust companies with an online presence and are likely to buy if they find the location of the business and contacts. WPEngine hosting packages offer to help your business visible online with guaranteed monthly visits depending on a plan of choice.

Finally, Google data shows that 53% of mobile site users will abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds.

Any business needs to have an effective hosting partner will little to worry about downtime or slow server response.WP Engine hosting has over 60,000 customers spread across 120 countries.

The company is trusted by superbrands including national geographic, readers digest among others. With a sixty-day money back guarantee, WPEngine Hosting distinguishes itself as a customer-centric organization that prides itself as a three-time Stevie Award winner for best customer service and support.

How to Start a Blog

I looked for google trends in 2016; the second most searched “how to” phrase was “how to blog” the weirdest search of all time.

This statistic shows that Kenyans are searching for wrong skills online. Serious people know that blogging is just generating content for your blog. You have to be passionate about what you are doing.

There is a lot of competition online. People compete to tell people how to compete, and it doesn’t make any sense to me.

There are so many blogs telling people how to blog, and it is common to meet phrases like content is king, use passive voice to make your content interesting.

But the biggest breakthroughs I have seen is for people who sell, or create tutorials on how to solve problems like how to set up a blog.

To be a blogger, you have to be passionate. No one reads an email longer than 300 words these days. Since the world is going mobile, no one will read 1500 word essay on mobile. It boring and tiresome unless you’re too good.

I asked my cousin to critic a post I wrote about my birthday, and he said texted me this “TLTR” I didn’t answer him only to realize days later in our conversations that the post was Too Long To Read.

How to start a blog is to write about your passion. Are you passionate about volleyball? Do you talk about it? Then write about it. Passionately.

Do you love food? Both eating and preparing food? That means you are passionate about the Kitchen. Do you talk about it? Then you are passionate about it. Write what you speak about.