Who Really Uses Parenting Guides?

I hate parenting guides. I hate school(Who invented school? who taught the first person about gathering a bunch of kids and wasting their childhood is rooms.) because it sucks and given a chance to go back in time and will forego school.

I will look for children my age, we’ll play and have fun and sleep.

When planting season came, I would work on the farm and go the community market in the afternoon to waste time talking about the next day planting event at the next farm. Laziness.

At the age of marriage, I will chase the neighbour’s girl and marry her and have children and train my kids to be innovative and forget about working for a bank or the government.

If we go back, there would definitely be no NGOs to work for, and people would love one another.

I know it is important to go to school, but I don’t think it’s essential to wholly focus on going to school. Lately, the focus has shifted from more realistic goals of self-motivation, improvement and triggering the sense of innovation to merely defined living. Taking 8 glasses of water daily like the guy next to me. Schooling to get a white colour job like the guy whose story appeared on Daily Nation.

Who wrote the parenting guides?Who follows the guide? Fuck the idea that there is a way children should be raised. Children should be left to learn. The best way of parenting is helping your kids through their choices. Let them learn from the consequences of the choices they make. No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.

No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful in life. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.

Let them learn from the consequences of the choices they make. No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.

7 Facts About Workplaces That Will Surprise Your Friends

Do you work on Saturdays? Now scientists discovered that after working 40 hours in a week, your productivity reduces by 50%. If you were not able to complete your job within 5-days, Saturday wouldn’t make you productive, at all. Stay home, sleep and play with your kids. I searched online and found other seven interesting facts about workplaces that won’t surprise you, but will surprise your friends.

Stay home, sleep and play with your kids. I searched online and found other seven interesting facts about workplaces that won’t surprise you, but will surprise your friends.

Mondays are the most popular sick days

Mondays are the most popular sick days in workplaces and Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Interesting! Right? Weekend tends to make workers lazy. Some say its the best day to schedule interviews, meet potential clients and corner your employer to give you a pay rise.

In Mexico, People work more days than the rest of the world.

According to CNN, Mexicans work averagely 519 more hours that an average American worker. Mexican average 45 hours a week which is higher that any industrialized nation worldwide.

The only bad thing is that there a huge gender gap with 78% of men having jobs. In Chile, people work 50hours a week? Where are you?

France prohibited Alcohol in workplaces.But not Wine

Alcohol in French office was mandated by until in 2014 when a court ruled to abolish alcohol in offices.

Email Addiction is a Real Disease.

I worked in a bank, and the only way to get things done is to send an email. It sucks to hear someone failing to do his/her job then blaming the colleague for not sending an email. Emails in offices is an addiction and further a disease that needs attention.

In Germany, female employees must wear a bra.

In 2011 a German court ruled that bosses have a right to order female employees to wear bras. Also, the length of a lady’s fingernails can be determined by her immediate superior and her hair must clean and groomed. The story in the daily mail. Read.

Recently Ugandan government prohibited female employees from wearing miniskirts and having long nails. Then there was so much fuss across the media fraternity. It is common for dress code to be set at workplaces

Listening to Music while working makes things get done faster.

Telecommuting worker is more productive when given a job that requires creativity but less productive when given a random repetitive task.

What to do on your first Day at work

What did you do on your first day at work? I just arrived and sat at the reception. I think my new boss is a good guy. Generous and ready to offer me the support I need. Fantastic right. But he is too busy. He leaves me at the reception and locks himself inside for a two-hour meeting that he initially told me in thick distinct Indian accent

“just five minutes I finish the projections.”

I nod in agreement and continue waiting. Then Lynette walks in. She is the receptionist, and she is ten minutes late. I wonder the type of workplace is this. Who walks in an Indian owned business late? She says hi and proceeds to her seat. She is not worried at all. It seems she has been around for a while. She is used to her bosses, and they cannot confront her, or maybe she is too good at what she does.

She asks, “did anyone assist you?”. I tell her “yeah.”

I further inform her that the boss just walked in a meeting.
She settles down quickly. We are on the twelfth floor, and the July Nairobi breeze is started to command some attention. My wife reminded me to carry my jacket, and I feel the warmth.

Lynette, with a tender loving voice, I call customer services voice, asks me loud and clear, “the weather is taking a tall order on you.”
“Nuh. I’m all right.” I respond with my broad smile assuring her that the weather is not a problem. She leaves her desk and walks to walks inside. She was looking for an empty conference room to host me. She didn’t want me to sound like a customer who has not been attended to.

She comes back and asks me to follow her. I initially thought she had been invited to bring me in. I clear my throat, adjust my jacket and follow her from a distance lest she gets uncomfortable, you know!

She ushers into a smaller conference room and asks me to wait. I thanked and in my heart asked her to leave the chamber. Faster. I was in the middle a complex investment decision that she had interrupted. When I start something, I usually want it completed.

She wanted to ask me if I could take tea. So she asks. I said no thank you. Maybe water. She walks outside and comes back with a mug of tea with exact measurement of sugar that I like.

How did she even know? Ooh, yeah. She is a Luhya, and she knows I am one too and there was no way I would say no to this one.

Wow! The view is sumptuous and for the five minutes, looked outside as I sipped the hot cup of tea.

After a while, my new boss walks in with a tiny bodied Indian girl also working in the same office. He gives her quick instructions to get me a laptop and show me where I should sit. This is an open plan room.

The CEO sits next to the sales team, and I am placed right next to his door. Do you know how awkward it is? He didn’t interview me, he doesn’t know me, and there is no basis to start a conversation.

I text my friend Bruce that I am in an awkward position here because the CEO just left his office and stood right behind me. He was looking around for infrastructure that was competing for his attention.

He calls an Indian girl opposite my desk and asks her,
“Do you know who owns that building?”
“That one?” She asks.
“No, the one next to it” he demonstrated. “Please find out the owner and also see whether it is for sale or hire. Can you do it?”
“Right away” the lady responds.

This whole time I am freaking scared. I am doing nothing. I just walked in a large open plan office without being introduced to anyone, and I don’t have anything to do.

Bruce laughs. Skype has some interesting emoji’s you can use to show emotions. Then he reminds me.

“First day at work is like the first day without employment. You start creating posts for your blog.”

Shit, Bruce is right. I should be writing a nice long post for my blog. I start writing a long form post

Familiarize yourself with your surroundings. By this time its 1 pm. My wife left a message wondering how I was fairing. Honestly, I am pressed, and I need to go to the loo. Then I remember my second day of the interview I saw an Indian guy walk in a particular direction twice or thrice in one hour. His pace and his body language told me he was headed there. So I tried my luck there without asking anyone. Oh, and the toilets are labeled I don’t need to ask.

A new workstation is usually a beautiful place to begin. Open the draw. Pull out forgotten on discarded old notebooks. You might get valuable info. I stumbled upon the contact of the guy who sat at the station last month. I text him to create a rapport.

This place isn’t as friendly as I would have wanted it to be because everybody seems to mind their own business. The guy texts back and the conversation goes on. He casually introduces me to some tasks and offers to help in case I am stuck.

6 Useless Excuses You Should Stop Giving for not Launching a Side Hustle

A side hustle should keep you going. It is the motivation that keeps you doing whatever you do. I started my blog while I was employed as an accounts assistant at microfinance firm. Then I moved to work for a bank; then I left the bank to work full-time for my side business.

I saw enormous potential generating through writing gigs. Then after a month, I realized I wasn’t doing enough. I almost quit. But I didn’t because I had not found a stable job to keep my family comfortable. I kept pressing on. Here are six useless excuses people give for failing to for not setting up side hustles

1. I am employed, and I don’t have enough time.

No one has time; No one can keep time, and no one can stop time. There is always no time, and there is always time to do anything and everything. You need to squeeze your schedule and fit in a hustle. It is possible you sleep too much. You can reduce sleeping hours.

2. I don’t have capital to put into the business

The money will never be enough. So no one has money, and every one has money. There is no reason for money to stop you from starting what could be a start of the century. The best capital you need is sacrifice and determination to make it through. You can stop spending $100 a day on your lunch and save towards making your side hustle a success. If it’s a website like mine, you only need $50 to get started. Capital is never an excuse.

3. I have seen people fail I might fail terribly

There is the only thing that successful people distinguish themselves from the rest. They failed and never stayed there. They dusted themselves and tried again. It is better to seek to fail that no to try. Reality check: the truth is that you’ll fail and you won’t be the first to fail, neither would you be the last. So stop telling yourself you will fail.

4. My idea isn’t that unique. Everyone is doing the same thing.

Well I agree. Perhaps what you have in mind is in the minds of others. But that does not mean you have the same way of executing the idea. When Harry Markowitz was writing is portfolio theory thesis he didn’t know that someone else was on the same topic. There was someone named A.D Roy who researched There was someone named A.D Roy who researched

When Harry Markowitz was writing is portfolio theory thesis he didn’t know that someone else was on the same topic. There was someone named A.D Roy who researched There was someone named A.D Roy who researched he same idea in the same year. Markowitz work became the pillar of modern finance theory because he never stopped pursuing it. Secondly; A.D Roy didn’t publish his work so no one knew about it until years later when markowitz acknowledges the work of Roy.

5. I’m not sure I can do it

Feed yourself positive thoughts about your idea. If you ever thought that it could be successful, then it will be successful. Try to focus on the positive side. The truth is you might not be able to do it. But you cannot be sure of that if you don’t try. Stand up take a deep breath and set up the side hustle.

6. The time isn’t ripe yet. I will do this next year

That is a cute phrase used to describe procrastination. My wife is an expert in this. You want to call someone and know how they are doing and you say ” I am going to do it over lunch time” She sometimes does it when she remembers, but in most cases, she gets too busy. You can do it now. Stop being lazy and too complacent and too comfortable. You got to get yourself dirty to get things moving.

Avoid this type of jobs

No human being can live in isolation or a vacuum. Human beings are dependent on one another and the success of one is likely to be measured based on what others have accomplished or failed to accomplish.

Imagine a scenario where you are the sole being on earth and you don’t have to compete with anyone for anything? Boring.

Successful people have a tendency to regret not focusing on the people during wealth creation phase of their lives.

Steve Jobs wished that after amassing enough wealth to himself, he should have considered other important things in life perhaps Art, or travel or touch someone’s life.

I think that was in his mind while he spent the last moments of his life. Others have mastered the art of making employees happy and having fun themselves.

They say to make your employees happy, then the employees will make your customers happy. Sir Richard Branson? Others have a heart for larger portion of the unlucky population.

Those that suffer from treatable disease and hunger. They have committed their resources in trying to eliminate disease, alleviate poverty through funding of research all in the name of improving lives. Bill and Melinda? I feel they find great joy is ending suffering in the world. They are happy when others flourish.

A job that overemphases on more and more mondey do not have customers in their minds

A job that emphasizes on how much you will if you sell is likely to lead you astray. You won’t be of service to people but it will rather a selfish career that will make you rich while making others miserable.

While I agree that money is the motivation to work, there are other objectives you want to accomplish in life which may not be money related. Like helping a neighbor improve her business, or being able to help

I find jobs that give a customer an ear to be the best jobs. For instance, a career that allows me to listen to a customer and offer a solution to them.

In Kenya today there is a notable shift from the traditional problem-solving approach to money making scheme. The focus has shifted from the customers to the employer. The motivation and employer will is  “you’ll earn more if you sell more”

In Kenya today there is a notable shift from the traditional problem-solving approach to money making scheme. The focus has shifted from the customers to the employer. The motivation and employer will is  “you’ll earn more if you sell more”

This analogy has forced employees not to listen to customers but focus on how much he/she will earn in commissions. I have customers walk into the bank to get a loan.

You listen to them closely and you learn they may not really need a loan. Since loan officer has a disbursement target, processing will be faster and within days disbursement is done. Then the customer doesn’t know what to do with the amounts.

Be of services to people. Help them make better choices. Disclose every necessary information to the customer before he/she makes a sound decision.

Quitting employment comes with its struggles

I’m counting days now, and I know its public knowledge. The decision to leave employment was difficult one. Everyone within my inner circles was against it apart from a few who thought there was no value addition in my life or to the employer. And by the way why is that people believe they must be employed to survive?

The thing that kept me going was my wife was on board, in fact, she had been waiting for me to suggest that I need to be with them.

My only fall back was an interview which was scheduled the week I submitted my letter. I hoped to get a job though with reservations. I qualified for the role, but unfortunately, I lacked hospitality industry experience.

The recruiting manager rejected and donated me instead to the another manager for a sales role. I passed that offer, and I hated the thought of being recommended for a position I’m not interested in.

The job was the same one I was quitting, and I didn’t think I would be useful to them. Furthermore, they only pay per sale. I religiously hate that compensation model. I hate because I can’t draw a line between sales and marketing. They were going to pay me commission only for the sales and not for the commercialization which is far much more valuable to them in the long run.

I took a week-long leave to bond with my son before traveling back to make my desk. I told you earlier that I’m my son would start calling uncle.

The future looks bleak, but of course, opportunities exist. I am not sure of what awaits me in the new status I am about to take. Joblessness.

Now I am back in the office, and things look weird here. My mind just switched off. I couldn’t even recall my password until after an hour of trying to remember.

I still get emails from department heads on the developments on the new system. My soon to be former colleagues were trained, and it looked exciting thing according to some that I interrogated.

This is how I describe myself. I am a millennial. A new generation employee who hates monotony. The kind of employee who cannot stay at the same desk, same position, same roles for too long. I am not like my parents who would remain in the same capacity for thirty or forty years then retire. I seek a new challenge, new environment, and new people every day.

There is a bunch of clients whom I gave insurance on credit. Part of clearing process is to collect the premiums. I called all of them, and they promised to come. But there is another group who have reconciliation issues which I have four days to clear out. There is always a remedy, cancel all the covers until and unless they settle the balances.

I went to collect from a client. We have had rough times with her, and I told her I want all the money because I am leaving my employer. She was shocked; she wanted to know if I had found another place. I told her not yet. She was so disappointed and wondered what was wrong with me. That how we’re conditioned. We must be employed otherwise the world would suffocate us out there. I want to choke now. Let me go out and seek that which fulfills my inner desire. Maybe I’ll try art, may be music or maybe farming. The best would be journalism.

Relocating to New Neighbourhood

I am moving cities partly because I considered myself redundant and partly because I thought my son would start calling me uncle.

I started feeling deeply that he needed physically present in his life more than he needed more on the other end of the phone call. To a larger percentage this more about being closer to the people I care about than just a casual move

As usual, I take night trips to visit my family. I arrive early in the morning to start the day with them. Most of the time I find my son asleep.

This time round he found me sitting next to him. He is almost two and a half. When he woke up, I asked whether her new me. He sounded little confused, but he was able to recognize me and called me Dad.

Its a bit chilly here compared to lower altitude coastal environment I am used to. The first thing in the morning was to prepare for an interview which turned out to be just a chat. I love these type of meetings.

The interviewer was a white guy, and he introduced himself as the operations manager. The guy is more of a salesman than just an office administrator.

He started selling the company and the strides they have been able to make in the last five years. The market seems to have accepted their concept especially after the government gave the nod to their business model.

The chat took about 30 minutes. I was back on the road heading home. I was tired but excited that the interview went well. I kept thinking of my next phase in life.

This neighborhood is a new environment, and I have to start adjusting faster. I have to form new relationships, new friends. I know I have to change my time. Nairobi is a bit more chaotic than Mombasa.


Why do Experts Recommend blogging with WordPress?

When I wanted to write for fun, I didn’t know where to start. Then I contacted a friend of mine, geeky guy; he works as a DBA somewhere in town with extensive knowledge of Databases and the Internet and management, and he taught IT. He immediately advised that I should set up a blog on WordPress.com. He was willing to help manage the technical part at a small fee of course. I agreed, and I bought a domain and then paid hosting fees. He did everything and told me, “Moses, you’re ready to go” I didn’t understand anything, but I just started.

I love aesthetics on my site. The last couple of years I changed my blog theme over ten times. I tried tens of plugins some which crushed my blog. Bruce was there to bring it back again. I was hacked once, and he did his magic, and I was back online again.

I once used the official default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve and then turned to several other themes that I forgot how they look before landing on the currently paid theme. The theme has never disappointed. Bruce thinks I have become master over the years and my website looks better than it was three years ago. He admits that I am better than him.

There has been a fair share of disappointments, though. On some occasions, my website has been offline. I don’t spend the entire day on the site, but I have a watchman

Jetpack plugin sends you that mail immediately your site behaves funny

monitoring my website 24/7. The watchman is Jetpack plugin by Automattic, the same guys running WordPress. Every time my website is down; I get notified through an email then I quickly get in touch with my webmaster, Bruce, to fix it.

It takes time before the issue is fixed and during this time I know I lose valuable visitors to my site. Furthermore its bad web experience for returning visitors to find the landing page offline. It is disappointing to me when I want to update the site and I cannot.

Jetpack plugins come free of charge to help you access over 165 themes, Brute force attack protection alongside secure logins for your website. All these for absolutely no fee.

Jetpack paid plans solves all other webmaster issues for you

Subscribing to Jetpack paid plans comes with security guarding against malicious sign-ins, automated backup for the entire website as well as automatic scanning for the safety threats. If you are interested in safeguarding your business you can compare the prices charged for various services offered.

price comparisons can be viewed here