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Africa Doesn’t Need the West to Grow


African countries do not need US, China or Europe to survive. African needs alliances that will equally benefit in terms of research and proper exploitation of its resources that will leave Africans with wealth to stand on their own. Over dependence on the west leaves Africa poor and destitute.

In the last decade, there has been a rising concern of population in Africa with an estimated 60% of African population being younger than 25. This statistic makes Africa a power to reckon with regarding productivity and innovation that come with it and developed nations are worried.

The secret weapon the West has is to tie African countries to half-millennium-long debt that is often siphoned through unscrupulous businessmen and shady contracts. Huge IT firms in the US are said to be headed by immigrants from India.

However, developed countries face hurdles over the deteriorating birthrates. Some states have been forced to import workforce to match the needs of the economy.

Europe’s birthrate is staggeringly low attracting an influx of refugees from war-torn areas like Syria and North Africa. The worry for the current leadership is to accept the humanitarian crisis in destabilized the Middle East, economically ailing African continent and the already evident power of China, Iran, and North Korea.

Britain is trying so hard to run away from what it advocated during the colonial era, Brexit. Exiting the European Union because it couldn’t dictate its force to other members. It is even more challenging for Britain to leave given that its population has been hosted well across European and any aggression efforts against non-British citizens are likely to be met with equal measure across the other United European countries which leaves Britain in a dilemma.

Young African population has risen so fast in the recent past spilling over to Europe through Italy raising a concern of the next generation of the African-European population that will likely force a shift to a new form of power.

Intermarriage will happen one way or the other. The low birthrate and influx of immigrants both legal and illegal pose a huge challenge for existing world order.

Asia is a rising political and economic force that gives the West jitters. It is common sense that North Korea is not scared of United States anymore. The superpower struggle between the US and Russia balances the equation to give countries like North Korea to do whatever it wants. On the other hand, China, which has formed allies with African nations is another force that anyone should be aware of.

Trump’s ideologies are a mockery of faith, family and societal virtues that were long standing thousands of generations according to New York Times. Some opinion leaders don’t like Trump for this, and the rise of gender equity and equality is likely to ruin his tenure.