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Americans Prefer Watching TV than Newspapers


Mass media plays a critical role on in dissemination of information. The information received helps to form opinions and shape attitudes.The medium through which information is conveyed determines the depth of intended impact on the desired recipients.

The means through which information disseminated to the public may be controlled or uncontrolled. For example, most television news passes in the hands of an editor who then makes sure that relevant and important information goes through the medium. Same to print which is also edited and regulated.

Information through social media tends to be distorted and hence can not fully trusted.

Pathways to news

Pew Research Center report shows a clear shift from traditional print news to more lively and engaging Television and digital news for those younger than fifty years. Due to the advancement in technology, news consumers can actively engage on a news item real time as opposed to print which is more limited regarding engagement.

I agree that television remains the most popular among American news consumers because it offers more than what print would provide.

The major undoing for print is the inability to engage reader’s real time. For anyone to comment on a news article, they must wait for next publication when their opinion would be published at the mercy of editors.

Those reacting to printed news are not so sure that their comments reached the editor for publication unlike digital news and television news where the publish calls in to respond to a news item. This is the cause of the continued decline in print news consumption witnessed.

Trust and accuracy

It is common to see media houses siding with political regimes in the United States. Taking political sides erodes the level of confidence, and that is why it is not strange to see small trust and confidence levels among Americans. It becomes tough to distinguish between objective criticism of a politician or a regime and propaganda.

News has become part of the political process in the United States and to say that media is fully independent is a hard nut to crack. So it is correct to say news organizations are biased.

It is interesting though to see Democrats having more trust in information from the national news organization. The argument here may be because their preferred candidate is power. Would this statistic change if a Republican ascends to power? Probably yes.

Loyalty and Source Attention

Being loyal is a feeling, and the only way to measure loyalty is to gauge the frequency with which consumers return to the same source for news information. 51% of Americans feel they are loyal while 48 believe they are not loyal. 

This is a 50-50 scenario although older adults and women tend to return to the same source for information which is an indication of loyalty.

The combination of motion picture and sound is more convincing than news narrated on a newspaper. It is interesting to listen and watch than just read.
News consumers tend to be loyal when they form an opinion about the source. They go back to the same source since having an experience with them. Further, a more established news firm tend to gunner more loyal consumers less popular ones.