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Another reason to blog if you are not watching movies


The first lesson in my preschool was how to pronounce. Pronunciation was important because it defined how I communicated. By the time I finished upper primary, I was soo good in English. I could write so well, my teachers were impressed by my score.

I wasn’t happy with the score I had because I couldn’t speak English fluently, I couldn’t stand in front of people and speak until I taught myself to do so by following several blogs. I feel I am way better than I was ten years ago.

I noticed the difference between present day pupils and those who schooled in my time. Present day pupils have better spoken English and at young age they are able to express themselves, something I would not do at 15 but they are really poor in creative skills something that was key to my development in nursery school.

Has the education system focused so much on the outward appearance more than the actual output expected of schooling today, which is to have young people who can stand in front of a crowd and express themselves?

I have had a personal transformation from the time I was in school to date. I speak better English and I try to write, much better than I used to.

This is a photo from Medium.
This is a photo from Medium article. change your life. its never too late.

Should the education system change so that most of the children focus on their skills than how better they speak to impress people? I tend to feel that speech is much more focused on how people see you than how you are as a person.

At 28 Matt Walsh is way better than who I am at the same age. He is a writer who started a blog that, as he professes, tells the truths about present day America. His blogs really raises key questions about Americans moral standing and beliefs.

I tricked my young cousin into blogging by creating a login for him. He is doing well with his tech blogs that appear on my blog. I started the same way before I chose to focus on life differently.