Apple Launches the Next Model of iPhone

September is a great month in Apple calendar. The company releases the newest model of it iPhone. The live event is happening at around 8 pm Kenyan time. The event has drawn a lot of media attention in the recent past with leaks and rumours about the next iPhone.

Apple’s latest iPhone is rumoured to be iPhone X, the X as a symbol for the firms 10year anniversary. The naming is different from the tradition of numbers which could see it being named iPhone 8.

This latest launch also breaks the norm of one model to three including iPhone 8S and 8S Plus. However, some reports claim that the latest iPhone might not be available to buy due to limited quantities and supply chain issues, but preorders are still open until 15th September.

Key among supply chain issues is the production of iPhone 8’s display. For the first time, Apple may switch from LCD’s to OLED displays. Since the company is selling over 200 million iPhones every year, scaling the production of these displays may be a setback.

The latest iPhone has an incredible design but will Apple withstand the demand if there is a shortage in one of its components?

Apparently, Samsung and Apple are competing to sell smartphones, but Samsung emerges as Apple’s important supplier for the valuable OLED displays. Now that’s asynchronous competition right there.

Back to the anticipated iPhone: the latest leaks suggest it would cost the region of $1000. It comes with wireless charging, an edge to edge display, and facial recognition and for the first time No Home Button.