Citizens in Kenya Speak, But No National Leader Listens

The repeat election has just opened my eyes. I wasn’t seeing correctly until now. Everything seemed bleak and silent but now the silence is so loud. After concerted efforts of politicians in central Kenya to have citizens vote. Only 6.5M, about 34% of the registered voters, turned out to exercise their right.

Transport was free for residents of Murang’a County to go and vote. They only needed to prove that they are resident of the county. The government further put gazette notice for a holiday a day before repeat election to enable citizens to travel and cast their votes.

Kenyans appeared to be happy with the holiday, stayed at home, prepared for the worst on the Election Day and watched TV.

On the other hand, the opposition asked its supporters to stay at home and boycott the election. There are those who hid to the call and stayed home.

Regrettably, there are those who took the instructions further to stop any form of election in the counties. They barricaded roads, lit fires and paralysed transportation of election materials. Efforts by the police to restore normalcy resulted in a fierce exchange between the police and the residents of some areas.

Those who decided not to participate in the repeat election are a significant number of the registered voters. The results of October 26th election will be announced by the Chairman that the people of Kenya overwhelmingly voted for the re-election of the president despite 34% voter turnout.

A section of our society will refuse to listen to this, including the president and Mr Raila Odinga.

In abstract terms, about 66% of Kenyans decided not to participate. As we delve ourselves into legitimacy and legality of the election, it is paramount that we listen to the voice of those who chose not to speak through their vote.

I would definitely tell you that 66% of the voters who did not turnout are not entirely those who support the opposition.

There is a significant percentage of Kenyan voters who are neutral and would otherwise have made a choice at the booth and those who are Jubilee Supporters that chose to stay away.

They are tired of the political games that politicians have subjected this country to.

Uhuru might have garnered more votes in the annulled August 8th elections, not because he was the best, but because many felt Raila wasn’t the best candidate for them. They were actually voting out Raila.

Now that Raila pulled out of the race, the same section of the voters felt there was no one to vote for, and they stayed at home and watched the drama unfold.

What I read from the process is a country that is tired of dishonesty and hypocrisy of politicians and their games. I see a group of Kenyans who know that none of the leaders in either political divide will help this country.  Even those areas that Mr Kenyatta enjoys most support, turnout was not up to par compared to August annulled the election.

Kenya is becoming of age, and the moment we start realising that Kenyan voter is changing the way they perceive politicians. Even the president himself.

Marriage is Hard.

Life is a mystery. Life is a concoction of both really bad experience somewhat bad and good moments and happy times. You decide which ones you keep in your memory.

One moment in time you are in love,happy and careless about what people say, the other moment out of respect from the people you care about even those that made you neglect others. Which of these should harbour in you memory?

One time there is a total loss of the wonderful memories that people share. Completely erased by little less significant happenings. The everyday good things that bound relationships together just fades and disappears into thin air. Then life is an empty shell. Then men and some ladies try alcohol as I did. Then it doesn’t work.

The diversity of a society is meant to make it stronger. The qualities and strengths of a community are intended to mitigate the shortcomings and weaknesses of the other community. People are stronger together.

It is like a marriage. There are times when women lose that urge for sex. And then there are times when they realise that they want to want like the New York Times puts it.

They strangely and aggressively react to any suggestive conversation that appears to be guided towards intimacy. And then, if not considerate, people fall out. Those that one time was wildly in love. There is hate after that. Then hate grows into something worse, and marriages break. Then there is divorce.

Woman suffer more at the initial stages of a broken relationship, and then they slowly move on. Men don’t. I have never moved on from my failures in the past. I struggle to accept that there isn’t any love now. But I keep saying, it is my choice. I have to live with my decision.

She says, “I don’t care anymore. I don’t need you anymore. Please just leave. Leave with everything you came with this house. I will start over again.” I see, feel and smell frustration in her voice and tone. She is making a mistake, and she probably doesn’t want that. And she was ranting spraying saliva all over.

And I say, “I can’t leave. I am empty without family. I am willing to stay put. I will forego all the things I want. I will be less selfish. I will live with you the rest of my life because you are my choice and I have to live by my choices.”

Some of my choices have become my weaknesses. I have been active enough for years to withstand my personal feeling. I never looked at women lustfully. But I do now. I had this thick skin buoyed by fear of being rejected not to mess with female friends.

Apple Launches the Next Model of iPhone

September is a great month in Apple calendar. The company releases the newest model of it iPhone. The live event is happening at around 8 pm Kenyan time. The event has drawn a lot of media attention in the recent past with leaks and rumours about the next iPhone.

Apple’s latest iPhone is rumoured to be iPhone X, the X as a symbol for the firms 10year anniversary. The naming is different from the tradition of numbers which could see it being named iPhone 8.

This latest launch also breaks the norm of one model to three including iPhone 8S and 8S Plus. However, some reports claim that the latest iPhone might not be available to buy due to limited quantities and supply chain issues, but preorders are still open until 15th September.

Key among supply chain issues is the production of iPhone 8’s display. For the first time, Apple may switch from LCD’s to OLED displays. Since the company is selling over 200 million iPhones every year, scaling the production of these displays may be a setback.

The latest iPhone has an incredible design but will Apple withstand the demand if there is a shortage in one of its components?

Apparently, Samsung and Apple are competing to sell smartphones, but Samsung emerges as Apple’s important supplier for the valuable OLED displays. Now that’s asynchronous competition right there.

Back to the anticipated iPhone: the latest leaks suggest it would cost the region of $1000. It comes with wireless charging, an edge to edge display, and facial recognition and for the first time No Home Button.

President Kenyatta Disappoints me at times

I have a lot of respect for the Constitution. Including the offices and the institutions that derive their authority from the Constitution like the presidency. Whether I voted for the president or not, he becomes my president and party politics go aside.

We are taught from the elementary civic education, whether you are a lawyer or not, that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. There is no defence to the ignorance of the law Any other law that contravenes the Constitution of Kenya is null and void.

The president of the republic of Kenya made utterances that, in my opinion, went overboard regarding the standard that he is supposed to maintain as a symbol of national unity. The idea that if Raila Odinga becomes president, they will impeach him within two or three months in office belittles Kenyatta.

Impeachment of a president arises from three reasons as prescribed in article 145. The first is on the ground of gross violations of a provision of the Constitution or any other law, secondly, where there are substantial grounds for believing that the president has committed a crime under national or international law and lastly gross misconduct.

President uttered the removal from office a Raila presidency with three months on the grounds of numbers he has in the national assembly and their ability to amend the constitution to actualise their greed for power.

Besides the numbers the president refers to, Jubilee party will need a valid reason, not a witch hunt to remove a sitting president elected by the majority of Kenyan citizen.

As much much Jubilee legislators feel that they have the numbers to oust Mr Odinga if he is elected on October 17th, all members of the national assembly should stand firm beyond the confines of their party politics and put this country first.

The Presidency and those who occupy the office unites a nation. Where either Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga become president, they should focus on uniting the country given that Kenyan politics highly polarise the country. Either of the two front runners to the presidency becomes president of Kenya which has little to do with Jubilee or NASA.

Raila Odinga Says Electoral Officials’ Lives Threatened

Raila Odinga made some disturbing allegations that have been captured by the international media. The NASA leader says the lives of some IEBC officials is in grave danger. Below is an excerpt was written by the Associated Press for both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Kenya Opposition Says Electoral Officials' Lives ThreatenedThe lives of some top officials with Kenya’s electoral commission are under “serious threat” from the government ahead of the new presidential election next month, opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed Friday. Odinga, who successfully challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in court, told reporters that some commission NYT

The electoral commission is under pressure by the opposition to reform after the Supreme Court nullified Kenyatta’s re-election and cited irregularities in last month’s vote. Odinga had gone to court claiming vote-rigging.

The above story has also been written in the Washington post by Associated Press. These media reports about a month after another election official was tortured, murdered and his body alongside that of a woman was dumped in a thicket in the outskirts of Kenyan Capital.

However, the local media here in Kenya chose to focus much on the former NASA principle Isaac Ruto shifting allegiance to the ruling Jubilee party. Mr Ruto, a former Governor, lost his bid for re-election to Jubilee candidate Joyce Laboso.

The statement by NASA principle cannot be taken lightly. Action should be taken the secure the lives of the official.

The supreme court of Kenya nullified the August 8th elections here in Kenya by widespread irregularities and illegalities.

The chairman went on to invite the director of public prosecution to conduct investigation on the individual who may have contravened the election offences act.

The supreme court ruling set off a chain of event that left the IEBC commission divided.




Leaked IEBC Memo Shows Deep Rooted Problems

A memo leaked to the public show deep sited rifts between the election commission under the leadership of Wafula Chebukati and its Secretariat headed by Ezra Chiloba.

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati demanded response and explanation on 12 pertinent issues that affected the August 8th election from the commissions CEO.

The supreme court ruling seems to have a ripple effect on the event that led to incumbent Kenyatta being declared the winner of August 8th elections

Mr Chebukati seems not be aware of a user created in his name that performed over 9000 transactions on IEBC servers at the Bomas of Kenya including deletions that raised credibility queries.

The commission spent close to 1 billion to purchase satellite phones primarily for use in areas where there was no network coverage by the major communications networks in Kenya. Kenyan elections were said to be too expensive to the tax payers. The amount spent on gadgets that were not necessary for a country who technological advancement has been lauded worldwide is mind boggling.

Kenyan nurses have been and are still on strike for lack of better pay and poor working condition. The university lecturers plan to down their tools soon for the same reason. Kenya seems to have its priorities wrong with overemphasis event rather than making the country a better place.

Raila, Uhuru to face off October 17, IEBC announces

Raila, Uhuru to face off October 17, IEBC announcesPresident Uhuru Kenyatta has been asked to draw up a working formula with Cord leader Raila Odinga. Photo/FilePresident Uhuru Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga./FILE Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta will face off at the ballot on October 17, IEBC has said. The decision was arrived at after the […]

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IEBC schedules fresh Presidential election for 17th October

The commission has said the election will be between Raila and Uhuru. This locks out Third Way Alliance candidate Ekuru Aukot who had said he would participate in the fresh Presidential election since it wasn’t a run-off.

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The Herald reported this

“The chairman of the IEBC, Wafula Chebukati, issued a statement Monday saying that the new elections will be held in just over 40 days following the Supreme Court’s ruling last week to nullify the results of the August 8 polls which gave victory to President Uhuru Kenyatta. The court ruling said that new elections must be held within 60 days.”

Chebukati said only Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who brought the court challenge, would be on the ballot paper, along with their running mates.(Aljazeera)

Ekuru Aukot attacks Wafula Chebukati, IEBC over repeat presidential election update

Thirdway Alliance leader Dr Ekuru Aukot launched the attack after IEBC pointed out in their statement that only President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga will be on the ballot.

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