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I am unemployed husband and a father. Curious. Loves my family, Values solitude. I can suffocate if you deny me access to the internet. A self-professed blogger with no followers at all. I believe at times teachers lied. Opinionated but it's not here.

Banks won’t be necessary in Kenya in future.

I hate banks because of their greed which is reflected in their high fees on loans and access to current accounts. I work in...

Why you need to have a Kenyan website

When you set up a new blog, or website for that matter the chances that you will appear high up in the ranks is...

Why I blocked hostgator and bluehost ads

One of the major means of earning online is affiliate programs. I applied for several including hostgator. If you don’t know what...

Women are best borrowers but worst spenders

I told Elizabeth that my wife earns more than I do. She receives double my salary, and I am okay with that. “Let me help...

Why you really need a mobile phone in Kenya

Use of Mobile phones has grown tremendously in the last decade. The story of the growth of mobile telephones in Africa is one of...

Simple Financial playbook for 25 year old

Most Kenyans start employment at 25. For those who are lucky,  23 or 24, but they are few. But this is likely to change...

3 ways to connect with Kenyan consumers

I tried to quit my job several times. I admit that I have been a junky and the several times I have tried to...

The challenge of growing up in Coastal Kenya.

The coastal town of Mombasa is politically famous more than any other coastal town. In fact, anyone across the country may quickly identify Mombasa...

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