Monday, October 23, 2017
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I am unemployed husband and a father. Curious. Loves my family, Values solitude. I can suffocate if you deny me access to the internet. A self-professed blogger with no followers at all. I believe at times teachers lied. Opinionated but it's not here.

Why searching for your insurance in Kenya, Note this.

My boss was around over the last few days of last week. I was late for the morning training and I was never allowed...

The Best way to start saving, Kenyan Experience

The best way to start saving is to start saving immediately. Find a way to have a section of your income into your saving...

What your insurance agent never told you about your cover

I wrote this piece while in a bus travelling. The possibility of typos here is inevitable. But the post is inspired by an honest...

Is Insurance Necessary?

Knowledge can be a great advantage in life. Having talked about why your insurance claim will never be paid, I thought it wise to...

Why Insurance claim wasn’t paid

In my quest to sell insurance I encounter challenges explaining repudiation of claims. In fact, the word insurance in Kenya leaves a bad taste...

Stagnant wages is not a Kenyan Problem

Teachers will not be in class for an infinite time at least according to media reports. Kenyan teachers are seeking 50 to 60 percent...

Job Satisfaction. Know what motivates your employees

Creating a sustainable working place is key for growth of any institution. Employee motivation, empowerment and sense of belonging plays a major role in...

Retaining current customers is key to your growth

The manager asked the employees why they were losing more business to other competitors yet they worked hard to create new business. Out of...

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