Major Events leading up to Kenya Elections 2017

The world is aware that Kenyans will be heading for the ballot on August 8th, 2017. Kenya Elections 2017 has been searched a thousand times given the heated rivalry between the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition stalwart Raila Odinga who is running on his Orange Democratic Party ticket backed by National Super Alliance.

Raila Odinga had taken to court to stop the printing of presidential ballots claiming that there was a plot to rig the election. The court ruled in their favour, a decision that was reversed after IEBC appealed the case.

President Uhuru Kenyatta boycotted presidential debate 2017. This decision by the president left the former prime minister Raila Odinga on his own to sell himself to Kenyans.

The deputy president appeared on the media to claim that they were being blackmailed into debates. Despite the indication that Uhuru would not attend the debate, the presidential debate organising committee went ahead to advertised the debate.

Deputy president also missed the running mates debates. The running coalition passed the opportunity of live coverage with more than 9milion Kenyans watching the debate.

The major events in the 2017 elections also include the military involvement in the 2017 Kenya election which the opposition party opposed. The revelations came in the wake of the claim that Jubilee had plans to rig the elections. The cabinet secretary has played down NASA claims and branded the document presented as fake and fabricated to instil fear in the minds of Kenyans

Kenyans took to social media to condemn printing of extra 1milion presidential ballot papers. Dr Akuro Aukot, running on a less popular third-way alliance called on the IEBC to destroy additional ballots saying it was a recipe for disaster. All social media requests fell on deaf ears.

The murder of ICT director Chris Musando less than ten days to the election raised concerns about the credibility of the elections. The authorities are yet to unravel the mystery on who killed him and why? Many questions are being asked including who stands to benefit from the death of the man in charge of the security of the IEBC voting system.

Kenyans should be allowed to choose Their President from any Polling station countrywide.

Nairobi governor asked his support to adopt a bus station in a bid to stop people from relocating to their rural homes. Kenyans fear that the 2017 elections may be mired in chaos and violence.

The death of Acting ICT Director Christopher Musanda further complicates governor Kidero’s call from Adopt a bus station initiative. The government couldn’t guarantee a senior IEBC official his security how then can a normal citizen not take measure to safeguard their families?

Many voters will not vote in the forthcoming elections because they will be miles away from their designated polling stations.

Kenya is likely to see a low voter town out due to the relocation of populations to areas where they will not be allowed to vote. Nairobi County has close to 3 million voters, most of whom are from rural areas where they are relocating with their families at the moment.

Presidential candidates are the same in all constituencies.

Scaring voters and spreading of fake new is a way that opponents use to scare off voters from participating in the electoral process. Thousands of voters will take their families to locations where they cannot exercise their constitutional right.

Kenya isn’t stable enough to tie individuals to the polling station as citizen move from one town to another more often than not. At the moment, a registered voter who lives in Nairobi and registered in Mombasa will have to travel back to Mombasa to vote which is in most cases unlikely.

Kenya ICT Director Chris Musando Found Dead

The ICT director at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission was found dead and his body dumped at city mortuary.

The director was first reported missing more than 12 hours after attending a TV interview in which he outlined the strict measures that the commission had taken to avert the fears of election rigging.

His vehicle was found parked somewhere along Thika Superhighway. It is said that he was last seen in the company of a female.

Kenya has come a long way, long way to keep experiencing extra judicial killings. Jacob Juma, a city businessman was sprayed with bullets in the city as he headed home from his usual joint.

Kenya heads to an election that has been mired with repeated allegation of rigging from the opposition.

Kenya Elections 2017. What you Need to Know This Week

Curtains will be coming down on Saturday 5th August for all political aspirants required to halt campaigns as Kenyans head for the ballot on the 8th of August.

Christopher Musando, A senior IEBC official, went missing after television interview last week. He is yet to be found. This happened when the IEBC prepared to test its voting kit. His disappearance raises questions to the credibility of the election given that he is the ICT director at the commission.

The motive behind an intrusion into Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home is yet to be known. The lone attacker held the police to a 19-hour standoff before he was eventually neutralised. It remains unknown whether the attack is related to the forth coming elections.

Fake news continues to reign havoc at a critical time in Kenya. Propagandists have taken advantage of the free social media to instil fear through false news into the mind of voters. Nation Media has published tips to detecting fake news in its local dailies.

Bus Stations have seen a swelling demand for transportation as Nairobi dwellers leave the city with fear of violence before, during and after the elections. However, Nairobi’s ODM gubernatorial candidate who is also the sitting governor pleaded with the town dwellers not to travel insisting that their votes are paramount in bring change to the country. He asked his supporter to adopt bus stations and stop people from moving at this critical time.

It is a week ahead of the start of the 2017/18 premier league season which will be flagged off with a community shield match between FA cup winners Arsenal and the premier league champions Chelsea at the Wembley Stadium. The premier league remains a very popular league in Kenya with top teams enjoying a huge following.

NASA Coalition Statement on The Plot to Rig Kenya Election 2017

The national Super Alliance released a statement earlier today 28th July 2017 on the plot by the military to hand over power to Jubilee unconstitutionally. Below is the statement.
WE have called you today to alert you to one of the gravest developments in the history of our country. We have received damning information and concrete evidence of an audacious plan that the Jubilee administration and the top military commanders have put in place to use force to subvert next month’s election with a rigged outcome.
The plan is to hand over power to Uhuru Kenyatta by completely illicit and unconstitutional means. Every aspect of the elaborate democratic polling system that has been put in place over the last four years will be undermined and a military operation conducted to deliver the presidency to Uhuru.
Jubilee has clearly recognized – and been so informed by NSIS – that it is headed for defeat after a disastrous four years in which the vast majority of Kenyans have suffered unprecedented deprivation and hardships. But determined to stay in power, it has enlisted what is referred in documents which detail the anti-democratic plot to use loyal officers by “tribe” and who “regime friendly” to subvert this election.
The plans include cutting of power and water and then militarily isolating settlements such as Mathare and Kibra on election day, possibly on the pretext of containing the spread of the cholera.
We are presenting here the evidence of the mobilization, coordination going on to have the military install Uhuru as president in August.
The documents indicate that very large numbers of officers and soldiers will be participating in the plot. Also included will 226 new soldiers, being trained at Mariakani Barracks to be deployed on this mission. The new soldiers don’t have networks in the military. Because they are new, they will readily take any orders, and at the same time cannot be identified, nor can they communicate with other soldiers who might not be privy to the plot and would opposed to it.
The soldiers are being trained on how to cut off power and water in Kibera and Mathare slums and keep people out of city centre.
They are planning to transport ballot papers to rural areas, code named Special Transit Goods or STG.
They will register telephone lines in the names of dead soldiers.
They are tasking engineers to provide military points of contact in central Kenya region.
Those military contacts are provided in a letter, numbered 4, as follows:
1.   The overall military contact person for Central Region is given as Col J.A Ouda of tel 0727944027.
2.   For Kiambu County is Lt. Col VN Mburu o number 0724600594.
3.   Muranga is under Maj VM Gitonga tel 0727713155.
4.   Kirinyaga is under PN Njenga 0726007555.
5.   Nyeri is under Lt Col. Masai tel 0722 917591
Central Kenya is crucial to this operation, which will drive out NASA agents in order to announce near 100 % votes for Uhuru.
They are developing both air and land emergency evacuation and humanitarian support.
To actualize these goals, a meeting is going on today whose theme is”Pro-activity in mission planning and delivery.” The entire meeting is devoted to issues dealing with the election which the military has no legal right to be involved in.
The agenda items include “Election Scenarios and Legal Implications.” There is also a sinister references to “Command Experiences in Amisom – Strengths and Weaknesses.” Amisom refers to the AU mission in Somalia under which our armed forces have obtained their only real experience in fierce war and combat.
The military is specifically being asked to deliver election to jubilee.
The soldiers being deployed are required to be Regime Friendly (RF) an from the correct tribe (TB).
A team of 1+12, meaning command and 12 fighters are the ones to be given lines to be registered in the names of dead soldiers.
They will have power line termination tools and Power Saw.
On completion of the tasks, these soldiers will be deployed on special missions probably outside the country to ensure they cut contacts and their accounts credited with money.
These soldiers are to be supplied with equipment spelt out in document number 6. The equipment includes:
1.   Land Cruiser closed-signal Frequency Jammers.
2.   Electric Shock flexible baton.
3.   Stun gun
4.   Hammers
5.   Power saw
6.   Metal steel cutters
7.   50 riot clubs and whips to each.
For some time now, we have been saying that President Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to overthrow the constitution and use the military to rig himself back in office after realizing he has lost the August elections. We underestimated the scope of that dastardly threat which we have now revealed. (plagiarised)

Involvement of The Military in Kenya’s 2017 Election May be Hazardious

Analysts are already eulogising trumps presidency. At this rate, no one is scared of the United States, and polls suggest the lowest approval ratings for President Donald Trump.

Kenya is going through an election in 2017, and there are thousands of lessons for the Kenyan voters. Electing leaders shouldn’t be guided by hatred of a candidate rather love for another candidate. People should vote for Uhuru Kenyatta because they hate Raila Odinga but rather vote because they believe in the vision and promises of the Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Amollo Odinga called a press conference to express his displeasure with purported military interference with the forth coming election. He said, “we have received credible evidence that the army is training a task force to interfere with the August 8th Elections.” Member of the media also attended the press conference and streamed live on facebook through Raila’s Facebook account.

The NASA flag bearer and ODM party leader further reiterated that it is not the role of the military in handle internal security. It is the work of the national police he lamented. He also said that they would boycott the election of the military continues with its plan to interfere with the elections. He says there are planning of jamming connectivity to ensure that the election is rigged. These are utterances may have severe consequences and her neighbours.

What if the allegation is right? Is boycotting the election a solution? The ballot papers are already printed and ready and in what way does NASA plan to boycott the election? The unsubstantiated claim from the opposition which was relayed raw without presentation of evidence raises the serious questions on the preparedness of Kenya towards this election.

If I read the mood correctly, it is possible that boycotting means something else. It means calling for people not to turn out for voting or maybe something worse. Worse in the sense that parts of the country voters might be afraid of voting.

The military must desist from any activity relating to elections and concentrate on its pivotal role in keeping our borders non-porous. They should deal with the enemy that has repeatedly breached the border to distort social order which results in serious injuries and death to the extreme. The military must be professional in their discharge of duties, and there should never be a single element to doubt their neutrality from this election. The military should be trusted beyond reasonable as we head towards this volatile times.

NASA must concentrate on its campaign and try to win voters instead of scaring the country with the claim that might bring back the wounds of disputed 2007 elections. There is no turning back. The ballot papers are already printed and on the 8th Kenyans will be lining up to choose their leaders. If NASA plans to boycott the election, they shouldn’t stand on television to call for their supporters not to vote.

The media needs to be more vigilant than ever. The type of content delivered to Kenyans must be screened to weed out propaganda and rumours. Corresponding evidence should accompany every allegation.

Jubilee, on the other hand, should be as clean as it says it is. They shouldn’t be thought to behind any plot to rig or interfere with the elections.

IEBC being an independent body, in collaboration with the courts should take these allegations with utmost urgency. The peace and stability of Kenya of paramount importance, not just to Kenya, but to the entire world who see Kenya strategically located for business and travel. We cannot afford to lose our country to chaos once again. I choose PEACE.


What Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Have in Common

Some of the richest people in the world have had interesting paths in their life. Jack Ma of Alibaba, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft are all successful in their respects. There is a common underlying factor in the three men.

The own technology firms

Jeff Bezos was briefly the richest man in the world on Thursday 28th July 2017. The surge in Amazon stocks is said to have raised Bezos net worth at about $90 Billion although he did not finish the day as the richest man in the world. Bezos owns 79.9 million Amazon shares which translate to close to 17% of the company.

Bezos owns 79.9 million Amazon shares which turn to close to 17% of the company according to CNBC.

Bezos started selling book more than two decades ago in his garage and build one of the most respectable online platforms of this century

Jack Ma, who recently visited East Africa along side 38 other Chinese billionaires is the richest man in Asia with a net worth of about $36 billion based on Forbes magazine. He is the chairman of online e-commerce website Alibaba.

He is openly known as  Asian business magnate although he had an undesirable past compared to what he is now. Jack Ma’s idea of Alibaba is closely related to Jeff Bezos e-commerce giant Amazon.

He is openly known as  Asian business magnate although he had an undesirable past compared to what he is now. Jack Ma’s idea of Alibaba is closely related to Jeff Bezos e-commerce giant Amazon.
Bill Gates, who dropped out of college to start the most famous technology company Microsoft which owns a variety of assets including computer operating system Windows, search engine Bing and social platform for professionals LinkedIn.

They are all innovators and entrepreneurs.

The richest people have started their unique solutions to the world that has lifted them to their current wealth level. The focus most on solving human suffering, simplifying the way things are done and making work easier.

Most of the ideas they generated have been transformed to publicly traded organizations in which investors can own and feel part of them.

Do you have an idea for a business? Take the next step, Launch that side hustle and stop giving excuses


Who Really Uses Parenting Guides?

I hate parenting guides. I hate school(Who invented school? who taught the first person about gathering a bunch of kids and wasting their childhood is rooms.) because it sucks and given a chance to go back in time and will forego school.

I will look for children my age, we’ll play and have fun and sleep.

When planting season came, I would work on the farm and go the community market in the afternoon to waste time talking about the next day planting event at the next farm. Laziness.

At the age of marriage, I will chase the neighbour’s girl and marry her and have children and train my kids to be innovative and forget about working for a bank or the government.

If we go back, there would definitely be no NGOs to work for, and people would love one another.

I know it is important to go to school, but I don’t think it’s essential to wholly focus on going to school. Lately, the focus has shifted from more realistic goals of self-motivation, improvement and triggering the sense of innovation to merely defined living. Taking 8 glasses of water daily like the guy next to me. Schooling to get a white colour job like the guy whose story appeared on Daily Nation.

Who wrote the parenting guides?Who follows the guide? Fuck the idea that there is a way children should be raised. Children should be left to learn. The best way of parenting is helping your kids through their choices. Let them learn from the consequences of the choices they make. No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.

No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful in life. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.

Let them learn from the consequences of the choices they make. No one should lecture anyone on parenting. Same way I say there is no blueprint to being successful. Focus on the choices you make whether they help you and destroy you.