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Banks won’t be necessary in Kenya in future.


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I hate banks because of their greed which is reflected in their high fees on loans and access to current accounts. I work in a local bank and this might result in me losing my job. But I will write then publish but I won’t share.

A customer asked how much we charge to change one Euro. I said 102. But the bureau next door is giving her 110. I told her she was late, she should have taken the offer.

Columbus is teaming up with non interest micro lender in a bid to connect more entrepreneurs to capital. No interest capital. If you don’t know what Kiva is, please find out and learn what Kiva zip is. You can get a loan direct from a lender who charges you no interest to advance you idea.

The city is working hard to raise about $225,000 to support small businesses. The mayor himself is on the forefront on this.

M-Shwari does not need guarantor or physical presence at the bank to access small loan to stock your small business. Banks have started copying this. And by the way you don’t need to run a multinational to be an entrepreneur. I worked with women who borrowed as low as ten thousands shillings to run their business. Today I personally access the same amount via Mobile phone.

If banks shut down today there will be life as usual. Read life after greedy banks are out of business. There are apps outside that that can truck your spending and guide your finances in the right direction.

Barclays Plc is selling 62% percent of its ownership in Barclays Africa. It intends to maintain minority shares. This is happening despite the profits some of it subsidiaries have posted.

Why do you think Equity bank invested heavily in its thin sim technology? The reality of technology will take away consumers from banks to simple apps. Have you downloaded family banks PesaPap app? You can do virtually everything offered in a bank including buying airtime.