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Cheapest Way to Set Up a Website


If you want to blog or sell online or affiliate marketing in general, don’t use ads you see that take you direct to the hosting company like HostGator or Bluehost. You know why? It is expensive for you. The cheapest way is to look for posts about blogging and successful affiliate marketers and go through the links they provide. It is usually cheaper since they are given discounts to attract clients.

When I started writing, I knew about making money online but didn’t know about affiliate marketing until I read about it on another Indian blogging guru. Marketing is never easy, and it needs dedication and hard work. It requires you create evergreen content that will always work for you when you are asleep. One word of advice is that don’t read too much about affiliate marketing. Read about creating good quality content and then write content that is relevant in the coming ten years, and you will earn from it.

Hosting firms are aggressive marketing for their services. Further, most of them compete with their affiliates for the same customers making it difficult for newbie bloggers to direct traffic. I wrote a post about starting a blog and putting links to my hosting partners.

The effect was amazing. I immediately notice a sharp increase in the number of Ads from Bluehost and HostGator coming through AdSense code I had on my blog. Despite my low number of readers, I didn’t feel that my partners were doing a fair job in aggressively advertising while asking affiliates to help them sell. So I blocked them on AdSense and allowed my visitors to use my link. It is cheaper, remember.

This is why you need to go through an affiliate

Affiliate get a special discount which means it will be less costly to start a blog. I occasionally receive discount packages for my clients which are usually not available if you go directly. These offers are not advertised. They are unique for affiliates, and perhaps that is a reason you need go through them.

You get better customer service. When an affiliate marketer refers a client, its none of their business what happens after that. But hey, listen, you can always go back and drop a comment to the blog that referred you. I am sure the blogger will take up the matter and address the complaint with their partners. It will be damning for a blogger to tarnish they name of their partners and for sure they don’t want that. Your hosting partner will sort you out faster.

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