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Citizens in Kenya Speak, But No National Leader Listens


The repeat election has just opened my eyes. I wasn’t seeing correctly until now. Everything seemed bleak and silent but now the silence is so loud. After concerted efforts of politicians in central Kenya to have citizens vote. Only 6.5M, about 34% of the registered voters, turned out to exercise their right.

Transport was free for residents of Murang’a County to go and vote. They only needed to prove that they are resident of the county. The government further put gazette notice for a holiday a day before repeat election to enable citizens to travel and cast their votes.

Kenyans appeared to be happy with the holiday, stayed at home, prepared for the worst on the Election Day and watched TV.

On the other hand, the opposition asked its supporters to stay at home and boycott the election. There are those who hid to the call and stayed home.

Regrettably, there are those who took the instructions further to stop any form of election in the counties. They barricaded roads, lit fires and paralysed transportation of election materials. Efforts by the police to restore normalcy resulted in a fierce exchange between the police and the residents of some areas.

Those who decided not to participate in the repeat election are a significant number of the registered voters. The results of October 26th election will be announced by the Chairman that the people of Kenya overwhelmingly voted for the re-election of the president despite 34% voter turnout.

A section of our society will refuse to listen to this, including the president and Mr Raila Odinga.

In abstract terms, about 66% of Kenyans decided not to participate. As we delve ourselves into legitimacy and legality of the election, it is paramount that we listen to the voice of those who chose not to speak through their vote.

I would definitely tell you that 66% of the voters who did not turnout are not entirely those who support the opposition.

There is a significant percentage of Kenyan voters who are neutral and would otherwise have made a choice at the booth and those who are Jubilee Supporters that chose to stay away.

They are tired of the political games that politicians have subjected this country to.

Uhuru might have garnered more votes in the annulled August 8th elections, not because he was the best, but because many felt Raila wasn’t the best candidate for them. They were actually voting out Raila.

Now that Raila pulled out of the race, the same section of the voters felt there was no one to vote for, and they stayed at home and watched the drama unfold.

What I read from the process is a country that is tired of dishonesty and hypocrisy of politicians and their games. I see a group of Kenyans who know that none of the leaders in either political divide will help this country.  Even those areas that Mr Kenyatta enjoys most support, turnout was not up to par compared to August annulled the election.

Kenya is becoming of age, and the moment we start realising that Kenyan voter is changing the way they perceive politicians. Even the president himself.

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