Home Work Place Corruption is in within the Kenyan social fabric,its hard to fight it. 

Corruption is in within the Kenyan social fabric,its hard to fight it. 


I had an unfortunate experience a few days ago. One of my customers- a British citizen doing business here in Kenya appointed me as his agent on insurance related matters. So one if his cars got into an accident and for me to process a claim, I needed a police abstract and inspector report.

We get out of the office. We explore options. The best option was to follow the law. Get the services of a lawyer to release the driver. My customer has another case in the courts that has taken a year already. He pays every time the agent appears in the courts on his behalf. 30k to open a case file and then may 50k every time we attend a hearing. It was viable, economically. Another option was to wait for the police to proceed and charge the driver. The driver has a sick parent, and it would be worse to go with that option.

After soul searching, we found it better to give the officer and his boss what they want.  The police would release the driver and provide us with the necessary documents to help in processing the claim.

In the evening I try to catch up with the news of the day. The chief suspect in the national youth service corruption scandal pays her suppliers over a half a billion in cash without receipts. She had never filed returns for her 20 companies; I wonder how she was able to win government tenders. She further confessed of lending a driver 60m. She told parliamentary accounts committee that she withdrew 50m in cash from the bank to pay her suppliers.
On the other hand the there is a bubble that just burst in any house. 5 billion had been stolen according to media reports. The government us pulling resources to defend itself. Both the cabinet secretary and the permanent secretary are defending a qualified audited financials.

What do we need to do to fight the vice? 

The Greater majority of Kenyans engage in corruption of some kind. The first step would be to accept that there is a problem. Second, there needs to be an individual responsibility that we will not participate in corruption. Just the same way we fought polio, the same way we are fighting HIV and AIDS.

The long-term effect of corruption and bad governance will be acceptance by the community, and then we will start defending it. In the end, there will be anarchy in this country. It will be a right for every sitting presidency to loot people’s resources.

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