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Delayed Justice is Injustice


I started attending Bible Study again. The last time I did this was in a tiny campus hostel seven or so years ago. Time has flown. I’m bald headed with lots of beards these days. I have a wife and a son and pretty much more responsibility than back then. I feel much wiser now.

Interestingly, I realised that I enjoyed my first session with the group. I hoped to learn as I contribute to the discussion on justice. Justice is a topic of interest to every Kenyan. We live in a country full of historical injustices coupled with corruption, nepotism and greed.

We read the first four verses of the first chapter of Habakkuk. Habakkuk complains to God about the situation in Judah. Injustice, lawlessness and violence were prevalent, and God answers by telling him worse times were ahead.

In the discussion, we are asked to discuss at least three forms of injustices that exist and what we can do about them.

I shared one kind of injustice that is a norm. Cases in Kenya take long to be decided.

A friend of mine shared a heartbreaking story of a man who has been in police remand for more than a decade.

I worked with Jacob at a local bank. We joined the bank the same week, and we immediately became friends. He calls me by my second name which is okay.

Jacob left his previous employer, also a bank, with trouble brewing. It caught him just three months into the new job, and he had to resign.

The last time we met I asked him how the case was and he said, “The case has never taken off. ”

I asked him why and he said, “I like it that way, and in fact, I facilitated that so that the case remains that way.” I wanted to know whether he was innocent or guilty and he says he is innocent and he feels they will fabricate evident to make sure he is behind bars. So the case has never taken off two years down the line, and his accuser has given up and looks like the case will be thrown out.

God calls to be fair and just towards other as we exist in a somewhat more secular world that cares less about what God desires for us.