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Devolution was Great Idea in BETA stage. We implemented it too fast.


Few weeks ago I wanted to increase the number visitors and daily page views on my blog. I shopped around for some plugins, I found a few including Ad pushup. I signed up for Ad pushup but they couldn’t accept my website because of low daily page views. Actually the response read this in part:

“Since we are currently in Beta and using assisted onboarding for select few publishers, we are currently unable to accept websites with less than 1000 daily page views. We should be able to accept your website once our self-service panel is live, which could take couple of months”

Devolution was in BETA stage when it was implemented. That was not supposed to happen.

Time is a key component in the implementation of any new idea, including our devolution. In paper, devolution was perfect thing and people were happy that services were moving closer to them. The perfect plan in paper did not consider the maiden challenges that we face in public service.

Devolution was supposed to be implemented in a few counties at first, then if it worked perfectly allow all counties to be stand alone and that should have taken at least five years or more, to observe how the select few counties were performing.

Then if any challenges occurred during this period, they would be solved. After that no other county would face the same challenge. What we did is devolve everything at the same time. Then when challenges came, the affected every one. We ran to developed world, whose citizenry have high regard to the constitution and their laws than we are, to learn how devolution works with them.

Some of the developed world are 200 years ahead of us. Which means until their institutions are strong enough, and independent and sound. We cannot compare ourselves to them. The judiciary is still struggling with corruption scandals. A judge is fighting to clear his name.

Anti-corruption unit complains that cartels have infiltrated so much which means perpetrators of corruption cannot be prosecuted. Government critics can be murdered in cold blood and nobody cares. Clerics suspected to be funding terrorism are murdered, in cold blood. Not even the opposition does anything. Our institutions are suffering, so is devolution at the moment.

But I cannot wholly condemn our decision in the past. The past has nothing to do with where we are headed. The future looks bright for Kenya except for the level of corrupt officials we have, and their cartels. We have the constitution to guide us and the only thing every Kenyan can do is to be upright, follow the law, respect the constitution irrespective of you political affiliation, gender or age.

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