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Financial Playbook: Three simple hacks to ease your January woes


2016 is coming to an end very fast. The Festive season AKA spending season is here with us to make sure we start the year terribly. You are likely to be in a mess in January, and that’s why you need to read this post.

As you travel around to visit friends or enjoy graduation ceremonies (I graduated too early December).


And weddings (a couple of my friends wedded the beginning of December, Congratulation to the newly married couples in town), as well circumcision ceremonies (this is very key where I come from, this is the end of an even year) here are three simple hacks to ease you January woes.

  1. Before making a purchase look for promo codes, coupons, and promotions

Spending is inevitable this season. You will either buy a ticket to fly upcountry or take a bus. With the digital age, thanks to the internet, you can easily pay for services and goods online.

Merchants have made it possible for you to check your spending. For instance, if you are traveling to coast, you are likely to use Modern Coast. Prices are high now thanks to high demand.

Before booking online, do some web search, and you will discover that you can pay for your fare less 100 bobs if you book online and use the promotion code MODERNONLINE. If you are two or three and you book a return ticket online, you are likely to save 600 shillings; now that can pay your electricity in January. Thank me later.

use the promotion code MODERNONLINE if you will use Modern Coast to travel

2. Consider using the power of a team to make purchases

The best travel experience is in a group. Teams are more likely to strike discount deals than just a single person. To help check that you do not spend more than the budget, you need that internet guy in your team to snoop around the web to best deals.

For instance, you may find an excellent pizza deal on O-charge if you are in Nairobi and you feel an emptiness in your belly. The same applies when doing some shopping for such things as shoes, tops, pants, fake hair and beware of fake services online.

O-charge is an app that can help you get good deals at discounted price

3. Get in touch with me for tour guide services; I won’t charge you

The world is not a vacuum and what I mean is you have a friend in the city you want to visit. I didn’t actually say that you look for me, I am suggesting you find a person you know to help you around at minimal or no cost at all.

If you know me and you will be in Mombasa for a holiday, then I will be more than glad to hang around with you. The benefits, it’s fun to have someone you know take you around, and it’s shameful to bump into someone you in town without your knowledge. Or maybe it is not that shameful.

You need that internet guy in your team to snoop around the web to best deals

I am done. Let me know if you have any thoughts about my blogs and what I share. I will be more than glad to listen. Ciao.