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5 Websites You Should Follow to Improve Your Blogging Career


Reading other blogs improves your writing skills and ultimately improve your blogs. Today I am going to share five websites that I regularly read to keep me inspired.

These five form the top five in my bookmark list. I skim through the sites to check what they have to share. They are successful at what they do, and they have been an influence on my journey.

Penelope Trunk

She is an accomplished career coach and a media personality in the United States. She gives advice at the intersection of work and life, and I do enjoy her perspective on life.

She says you should choose to have sex over your career.Her posts are mind boggling sometimes she sounds crazy. She will tell you that you will never earn from blogging. You should read her blog.


An Indian award winning blog that will give you insights on the latest trends in blogging fraternity. The owner of the blog, Harsh Agwaral, has ideas that would inspire your journey including sharing his income reports.

He also shares some advice on how to get started with monetizing your blog. It is a great place to get information on affiliate marketing.

Personal Excellence

She left her lucrative career at PnG to pursue her passion. She says her passion was helping people discover and grow themselves.

Her blog shares some long form posts that have encouraging stuff to keep you going, even when you feel depressed. She has thousands of materials ranging from e-books that talk about love to career choice and it is just amazing how positive she is about life.

Biko Zulu

He shares incredible stories about life. He says, everything that happens every day is a story and is worth being shared. His creativity and use of words have improved the way I view situations in life.

Unlike Penelope who shares her real life events, Biko speaks about things that happen around him. Penelope is so blatant in the way she describes even her own sex life (it is not what you think. read through her blog)

News Websites

I read the news every day. New keeps me in shape around what is happening. It gives me inspiration to critic news items. When you feel like you don’t have what to write, watching or reading news can be an important way to start off.

Getting news depends on where you are and your favourite newscaster, or app or website. I like Aljazeera. They seem more objective that the others world media houses and Reuters too. But if you are in the UK you should have a favourite like the BBC and CNN in the US. Those are just examples.