Home Opinion God took Lucy Kibaki, Government knows what happened to Jacob Juma.

God took Lucy Kibaki, Government knows what happened to Jacob Juma.


Please, regardless of how I die, just find it worth to say what I did wrong and what I did right. Murder me and let the people know why I was murdered. Do not leave Kenyans guessing on what might have happened. Let my family know that I was not okay with the way things are done in this country. God takes life and that is justified, but the way government takes life is not justified. This is a recipe for citizens forming militias to keep themselves safe. The government has failed, why not?

The first death is of unsung hero. A critic of the media and former first lady, Lucy Kibaki. We are okay with the way she died and no one questions that. I wonder whether my colleagues wedding went on as planned given the fact that all media houses were in Othaya for the final journey of former first lady After she rest lets come back home and ask ourselves some serious questions.

The other death is a government critic who was out rightly murdered. It is said that he was murdered for his hard stance on government and accountability. Kenya is a democracy for heaven’s sake. It is not against the law to ask questions if you smell something fishy. And if it’s against the law I do not think the verdict would be death for those asking questions, and if the verdict would be death I don’t think it would be cold blood murder. This kind of executions raises repeated questions whether we are really safe.

Forbes reports that homicide police are on their toes to make sure that perpetrators of Jacob Juma’s death are brought to justice.

Jacob Juma’s death remains on the sidelines for now, one at a time and after being murdered almost everyone suspects the government, the same government investigates and hopefully those who murdered him will be brought to justice. That is what we want to hear but I am not certain of the outcome.

Religious leaders, businessmen, opposition politicians and the list goes on of those we don’t know yet we still ask the government to investigate. I have never seen impunity of this level in my short life. The series of unresolved murder is so long and still they are adding more and more.

No one deserves to die the way Jacob died. But died for a course he thought was right. I feel the course was right and we have a right to ask questions if the opposition cant. We need to ask questions if the media cant. We need to ask questions to get answers.