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Help me Make a choice who to vote for!


My son and I fight over who watches what. It is 7 pm, and I need to know what has just happened. My son wants to watch his cartoons. My wife sides with me because he will want to switch the station in an hour. My son is so disappointed at me as I changed channels.

It is election time all news stations are on the campaign trail.

“Hey, did you hear that? William Ruto keep repeating the same sentiments about the opposition every time he is addressing a rally!”

“Yeah, I heard. Watching Ruto on TV is boring. I can for tell what he will be saying next time he opens his mouth” She replied while she busied herself as she cleaned the carpet.

She does not think that William Ruto will be president in 2022. I am sure whether she thinks he will ever be president but I think he will make the worst president in the history of Kenya if he becomes one. Most Dangerous in the sense that there is likely to be more media oppression under his presidency. More extra-judicial killings and a lot more scandals that all scandals exhibited in the past four regimes combined.

In an invite only fundraising dinner for the jubilee party attended by the president and his deputy, the event collected over a billion shillings to fund President Kenyatta’s re-election bid in record 2 hours.

In the dinner, the president reiterated that he didn’t want to meet anyone at Statehouse to discuss funding his campaign.

That was a good gesture, though, perhaps to shut down political blackmail that has been rampant in this country. Maybe what Ann Waiguru called cartels. I tend to believe Waiguru by the way.

The official opposition, on the other hand, seems not to have anything concrete to deliver to Kenyans. I don’t think they have a serious unique strategy to wipe out corruption and end corruption for the first time since independence. I believe corruption and impunity have been a part of every regime ever since we got our independence.

The opposition just wants the incumbent out. I feel their hunger for power and their deep desire to prove a point to the ruling party. I am not convinced to vote for them. I am inclined to say give Uhuru Kenyatta another term to implement one more mega project. I also fee like voting out Jubilee because they have my future generations into debt. I am not sure they can fully account for the debt they have taken so far.

I don’t feel a sense of enthusiasm and desire to change this country among those seeking the presidency. I see political fights. I see individuals who thrive on the misery of others. I see selfish capitalistic people who use divide and conquer as the British did.