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How A Tropical Storm Harvey in Kenya Would Be


If the tropical storm Harvey hit Kenya today the destruction will be insurmountable. Thousands of children will drown as their parents and police watch, leave alone destruction of the poorly constructed residential neighbourhood. Opportunists (lovely name looters) full of dissipated behaviour will likely take advantage and break into businesses not even aware of the disaster that looms.

The thought of a tropical storm, not a hurricane, gives me goosebumps. The president will likely give a state of the nation address and show remorse for the dissolute families that would be displaced. Perhaps few millions of shillings will be set aside to at least feed the affected for a day. Or two. It is disheartening that in Africa, there is less regard for life. In 2007, after the disputed elections in Kenya, over a thousand people died. Thousand others were displaced and lost their livelihoods.

The good thing is the events vividly remain in the hearts of many Kenyans. No one wants to walk that lane again. Despite the turn of events in 2007, fewer people lost their lives ten years later. But the numbers significantly reduced which is commendable. However, an election outcome shouldn’t trigger property destruction and loss of life.

Research shows that disasters in Kenya are triggered by the hydrometeorological and environmental process such as those experienced in Budalangi and Ahero. Kenya as a nation is known to be reactive rather than being proactive in disaster preparedness. The leadership care about the voters during electioneering periods otherwise they careless.

Citizens, on the other hand, are a lot more careless than their leaders. Even the good just pass the opportunity to make a change in political leadership.

Its worth noting that responsibility to tackle disasters begins with individuals efforts with the surroundings that they live. Right from managing the homestead to electing to right leadership to the responsibility of the national and county governments. Is Kenya prepared ehen disaster knocks?