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How I lied to the interviewer



May ended well. I had made some progress in my quest to find a new employer. My other goal was to increase the number of visitors to my blog. My blog income grew by $0.69 and I am proud. My cousin wrote a few posts for me which did pretty well.

I got to be called for an interview towards the end of the month. Now, I have always told myself that the toughest hustle for me is getting shortlisted, from there I can speak for myself. I went for the interview and guess what, the results looks positive.

Now the challenge that I faced in the interview was to say how much I earn. I did not want to share this type of information with anyone because it limits my bargaining power. So I lied. The panel took my word and asked for my three recent payslips.

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Seriously! You want me to give you my payslips. The guy on the other end of the phone insisted that if I need the job, I must provide three recent payslips. I obliged to give because I really needed to progress to the next recruitment level.

My salary was way lower than I quoted and I was almost tempted to doctor the figures. I also considered taking my colleagues payslip to cover up the lie. But one thing I know is that is confidential information and no employer will ever reveal.