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How Long Should a Good Blog Post be?


There is not set a standard length blog post. A blogpost is useful if it can drive traffic to your website and informing your audience. The most important is to inform your reader. I do blog, and I understand some of the question writers ask, how long is an effective blog post?

Here is my rule.

A standard blog post should be around 450 to five hundreds words. If it is longer than that, then it means you don’t care about mobile phone users. Longer posts are intended for an audience who have time to read. Otherwise, organic audience search for ways to do things without much interest. If they land what they want in a short period, then they are likely to come back, or even bookmark your site.

More than 60% of internet users access the internet through smartphones. The penetration of smartphones has exceeded laptops and computers. More people are searching for ideas on how to do things on their mobile phone. Try to look at google trends. Create more content for smartphone users with occasional long form content to take care of your ardent readers

Reading very long content on a smartphone is tiresome.
Most smartphone users will read the first paragraph to get the idea in the post then scroll down.

You cannot place your most relevant content on the second or third paragraph; no one will read especially smartphone users. Make sure the most relevant information on the blog post is in the first paragraph, somewhere middle paragraph and summarize in the last paragraph. It is important to have a summary of your post. I read summaries if I feel there is important information in the post, then I definitely scroll back.

The comment section of your post is a goldmine. Always follow up what your readers are saying and drive them by answering their concern to more informative posts on your blog. Even if the post is engaging, it will only do justice to you if the post can refer your reader to other relevant posts on your blog.

When I come across a very long form read, and I don’t have time to read. I straight away go to the last paragraph and continue down to the comments section. There I can land very crucial information about the post. That is the easiest way to scheme through the post.

Here is a reminder of the key elements

Affective blog post should be atleast 400 words. Make sure the most relevant information is in the first paragraph or at least mention it there. Most internet users are on smartphones. It is not fun to read long form content on a smartphone. The comment section of your blog is a goldmine. you can direct your visitors to other relevant posts on your site. It is as effective as putting links on your site. I wish your these simple hacks from my experience and improve your online presence.